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Check the best Peloponnese locations ranked by popularity. This ranking is based on our data as a travel guide, not in the official data of the Greek Ministry of Tourism. For each destination we provide general information, photos, map, things to see and do and more.

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01 | Olympia (Peloponnese)

Olympia is known as the birthplace of the Olympic Games. The first ancient Olympic Games took place in 776 BC and they were dedicated to the cult of Zeus. In Olympia, you can see the temple of Zeus, the temple of Hera, the Ancient Stadium, the workshop of Pheidias and other constructions. The Archaeological Museum of Olympia is also among the most interesting museums in Greece.

02 | Epidaurus (Peloponnese)

Among the most popular archaeological sites of Greece, Epidaurus is located on the north eastern side of Peloponnese. Mostly famous for the Ancient Theatre with the amazing accoustics, this site is visited by thousands of visitors every year. The Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus hosts important theatrical performances in summer.

03 | Nafplion (Peloponnese)

The seaside town of Nafplion is a popular holiday destination all year round. Lovely beach resorts surround Nafplion and get much frequented for family summer holidays. A walk around the Old Town of Nafplion will bring you to ample squares, paved streets and elegant mansions. Do not miss a visit to Palamidi Fortress and to the Castle of Bourtzi. Nafplion is also a convenient base for daily excursions and cruise trips to the Saronic islands.

04 | Gythio (Peloponnese)

Located on the south eastern side of Peloponnese, Gythio is a beautiful town that spreads around a large port. The region stands for the long sandy beaches, the clean water and the mountainous villages. Gythio serves as a convenient base for excursions to Mani, an abrupt and secluded region with traditional towers. Opposite the port of Gythio, there is a small island that can be reached through a narrow pathway.

05 | Monemvasia (Peloponnese)

Monemvasia is among the most impressive and romantic towns in Greece. The Medieval Castle of Monemvasia is entirely built against the slopes of a huge rock, connected to the mainland through a narrow pathway only. This town was constructed to be invisible from the mainland in order to escape enemy attacks. When the sea is clear, from the top of Monemvasia you can see the mountainpeaks of Crete.

06 | Mycenae (Peloponnese)

The archaeological site of Mycenae is located in the north eastern side of Peloponnese, in close distance to Nafplion. It is mostly famous from the story of the Trojan War, as Mycenae was the kingdom of Agamemnon, the leader of the Greeks in the war. Visitors in Mycenae are impressed by the giant walls, constructed by Cyclops according to the myth, and by the Treasury of Atreus, the vaulted tomb of Agamemnon.

07 | Mystras (Peloponnese)

In the Medieval times, Mystras was the second most important town of the Byzantine Empire, after Constantinople. In fact, Constantinos Paleologos, the last Byzantine Emperor, was a governor of Mystras before his coronation. Today, the archaeological site of Mystras is surrounded by walls and has many Byzantine churches with interesting frescoes in the interior. On top of the hill, there is the Palace of the Despots.

08 | Elafonissos (Peloponnese)

A tiny island on the southern side of Peloponnese, just below Laconia, Elafonissos is famous for its Carribean-like beaches. With exotic crystal water and soft sand on the shore, this island is very popular for camping. The most famous beach is Simos, which is actually a long strech of sand dividing the sea in two parts.

Porto Heli
09 | Porto Heli (Peloponnese)

Although Porto Heli is mostly known to Greek tourists, its large port gets very busy in summer with many private yachts and fishing boats that moor there. The lovely beaches of the area attract many families looking for calm vacations. Porto Heli also serves as a good base for daily excursions in this part of Peloponnese and as a transport hub to Spetses island.

10 | Patra (Peloponnese)

The third largest town of Greece, Patra is geographically located on the northern side of Peloponnese. Although it is a busy town with interesting places to visit in the surrounding region, Patra is mostly famous as a gateway to Europe. Daily ferries from Italy arrive in the port of Patra, serving thousands of visitors from European countries. Many ferries to the Ionian islands also depart from Patra.

11 | Ermioni (Peloponnese)

Located on the north eastern side of Peloponnese, Ermioni is mostly frequented by Greek tourists. This small seaside town has a lovely beach promenade and many secluded beaches to enjoy a day under the hot sun. It is regularly used as a base for daily excursions in this part of Peloponnese. Just opposite the bay is the island of Hydra, that can be reached by hydrofoil from Ermioni.

12 | Kyparissia (Peloponnese)

Mostly a family holiday destination, Kyparissia stands out for the relaxing atmosphere and the calm beaches. The Old Town is built around the remains of a Byzantine Castle, on the hill top above Kyparissia, while the New Town is built between the hill and the sea. This town serves as a convenient base for daily excursions in this part of Peloponnese.

13 | Kalavryta (Peloponnese)

Located on the northern side of Greece, the mountainous town of Kalavryta is visited mostly by Greek tourists. Due to its beautiful nature and the ski centre, Kalavryta is an autumn and winter destination. Interesting sights to see in the region are the Monastery of Mega Spileo, the Monastery of Agia Lavra and the Cave of the Lakes. A hike around Kalavryta will also bring you to traditional villages and spots with great view.

14 | Sparti (Peloponnese)

In the ancient times, Sparti was the most powerful city-state of Greece, along with Athens. It had developed a strong military power and a strict society formation. The modern town of Sparti is among the few Greek towns that have been constructed according to an urban plan, presenting little tourist interest. The remains of the ancient town lay in close distance to the modern town.

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