Peloponnese Beaches

Information about the Beaches in Peloponnese, in Greece but also information about beaches in many locations of the region: The region of Peloponnese attracts thousands of visitors every year for its varied landscape, the traditional villages, and the lovely beaches. Although the center of Peloponnese is mountainous and nice for winter holidays, the coastline is dotted by many seaside villages and long crystal beaches.

The most exotic Peloponnese beaches are found in Elafonissos, a tiny island south of the prefecture of Laconia, with sandy beaches and pure crystal water. Mavrovouni beach in Gythio is also very popular due to the long, sandy coastline and the tourist facilities. On the southern side are other amazing beaches of Peloponnese and considered among the best beaches in Greece, like Voidokilia in Pylos, Methoni, Koroni and beautiful coves in Messenia.

Very popular with tourism is also the prefecture of Argolida in northeastern Peloponnese. The organized beach resort of Tolo, close to Nafplion, is famous for the long, sandy beach with tourism facilities, while the seaside towns of Ermioni and Porto Heli also attract many visitors.

Some of the best beaches are:
In Gytheio: Mavrovouni, Selinitsa
In Elafonissos: Porto, Simos

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Information about the beaches in the regions of Peloponnese: