Find out everything about your holidays in Gythio on our travel guide! Gythio in Greece is a beautiful seaside town on the southern side of Peloponnese, in the peninsula of Laconia in Greece. Constructed on the hill slopes around a natural bay, Gythio is the largest town in the region of Mani, a secluded barren place with ghost villages and wild landscape. The most popular beach in Gythio is Mavrovouni, a large beach with clean water. Due to the golden sand and the crystal water, Mavrovouni is preferred by the endangered sea turtles Caretta-caretta to lay their eggs. With a very convenient location in southern Peloponnese, Gythio can be a base for road trips to Monemvasia, Mystras, Areopoli, Diros Caves, and Stoupa.

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Gythio is a beautiful fishing town on the southern side of Peloponnese. This place is surrounded by nice beaches and constitutes a convenient base for day excursions in the region of Laconia. Mavrovouni is the most beautiful and longest beach close to Gythio, where the sea turtles Caretta-caretta go to lay their eggs in summer. Fish taverns and beautiful mansions line up the port of Gythio, from where there is a ferry connection to Kythira and Crete. Holidays in Gythio can be combined with visits to Monemvasia, Kythira, Kalamata, Mystras and other regions of Peloponnese.

Gythio is an area of mainland Greece which belongs to Peloponnese region. Former port of Sparta in the antiquity, the town of Gythio Greece has a long history and many interesting sites. On a hill above the town, there is an ancient theatre, while the islet of Kranae right at the entrance port hosts a lighthouse and a traditional tower of Mani. Many such towers can be found in the region, although many of them are not well-preserved. Sightseeing and windsurfing are the most popular things to do in the region.

The main beach of Gythio is Mavrovouni, a large bay with golden sand and crystal water. Many other beaches are found in the region, with clean water and relaxing ambiance. Due to its central location, holidays in Gythio can be combined with road trips to Mani, Diros Caves, Areopoli, Monemvasia, and Mystras.

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  • Lovely town
    Gythio is a traditional town with a long port promenade. This promenade is lined up with fish taverns, cafeterias and shops. This is a nice base for excursions in Peloponnese.
  • Mavrovouni beach
    In close drive to the town is the beautiful beach of Mavrovouni. Due to the soft sand and the crystal waters, this is a popular breeding place for sea turtles in summer.
  • Historical Museum
    The Folklore and Historical Museum of Gythio is housed at the traditional Tower of Tzenatakis on Kranae islet, just a short walk from the port.
  • Ancient Theatre
    On a hill above the town is the ancient theatre of Gythio. This theatre was originally constructed in the Roman times and needs restoration today.