Introduction & General Information

Gythio Greece is a port town placed in the southern Peloponesse and belongs to the prefecture of Laconia. In ancient times, it used to be the port of Sparta, while today is the capital of Mani, an area between Sparta and Monemvasia. This seaside town is characterized for its clean beaches and its good fish restaurants. Because of its long history, Gythio also has some interesting archaeological sites, such as the remains of the ancient town and an ancient theatre.

The most famous part of Gythio, however, is the islet of Kranae. The myth says that this is where Prince Paris and Helen spend the night before they left for Troy. The islet, right in the harbor of Gythio, hosts a small church, the church of Agios Petros, the tower of Tzanetakis and a lighthouse, where the nautical museum of Gythio is found.

The traditional features of Gythio make it very valuable. However, the town does not lack proper tourism infrastructure. Gythio is a very popular destination among the Athenians, who usually come here and spend their weekends. In fact, Gythio is a well-organized town with modern and varied accommodation options, gift shops and entertainment options.

Furthermore, there are a good number of beaches in a short distance from the town center and most of them give the chance to do some water sports. Also, windsurfing is also popular in the area due to the fine wind conditions of the gulf.

The beaches of Mavrovouni and Skoutari are the best reputed and they are also suitable for camping. In these beaches, a sea turtle species, Caretta-Caretta, nests and lays its eggs. Gythio is also close to many famous towns and sites, such as Areopoli, Mystras and the caves of Diros, so it is a good base for excursions.

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