Gythio Tzanetakis Tower

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Location: Town

The Tower of Tzanetakis in Gythio Peloponnese: The Tower of Tzanetakis in Gythio is a characteristic example of the towers of Mani. This impressive and well-preserved construction is actually placed in the center of Kranae, the small islet that faces the port of the town. The tower was built around 1700 and initially used to be a fortress that protected the harbor and the town of Gythio from invasions.

Later on, it housed the family of Tzanetakis Grigorakis, a fighter of the Greek War of Independence. In 1993, the building was donated to the Greek State and today it hosts the Historical and Ethnological Museum of Mani. It is one of the most popular sights of Gythio and certainly worth to visit.



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