Gythio Geography

Gythio is a lovely seaside town in southern Peloponnese. It belongs to the prefecture of Laconia and this is the second largest town of the prefecture, after Sparti. Gythio expands around a natural port, at the foot of a lush green mountainside. In the ancient history of Gythio, this was the main port of Ancient Sparta. Opposite the port, there is a small islet, called Kranae. This islet is connected to the mainland with an artificial narrow path.

On Kranae, there is a small church, a tower, and a lighthouse. The region around Gythio is mountainous and wild. This is the famous region of Mani, a secluded place that is known for its austere moral customs. In fact, Gythio is considered the capital of Mani, an area with traditional villages, strong towers, and wild mountains.

The geography of Gythio is characterized by wild rocky spots and steep mountains. Gythio also has some nice beaches around it. The most famous is Mavrovouni, a very long and sandy beach that gets very popular in summer.

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