Gythio Local products

The town of Gythio has a good variety of quality local products. The olive trees in the area give high-quality virgin olive oil. Some other products of Gythio are also produced in the surrounding area like oranges, mandarins, figs, lemon trees, and mulberries. The vineyards of Gythio produce tasteful local wine that is bottled and partly exported. Along with the town, it is also possible to find jams and spoon sweets.

These sweets are homemade and have no artificial additions. They are packed in small jams and are very popular for souvenirs. In the gift shops of Gythio, you will also find some ceramic items and small statues that represent ancient figures. Moreover, Gythio is famous for its seafood, which is fresh and tasteful. There are delicious seafood taverns along with the port of Gythio.