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General information

Mavrovouni beach Gythio: The most popular beach of Gythio is Mavrovouni, placed at approximately 2 km to the south of the town, right below Mavrovouni village. Mavrovouni beach extends for over 6km and is the largest one around Gythio. It is sandy and has small pebbles on the sea floor. It gets livelier in summer but, thanks to its size, it never gets overcrowded. Mavrovouni beach is available for some entertaining activities, such as windsurfing. The perfect time to practice windsurfing is in the afternoon because that is when the wind blows more strongly.

There are many accommodation options and tourist facilities by the coast that can offer you a comfortable stay. To go to Mavrovouni village, you take a paved road all the way to the beach. Mavrovouni beach has been awarded the Blue Flag award, which proves the cleanness of its waters. Moreover, it offers a proper environment for the caretta-caretta sea turtles, an endangered species, to lay their eggs. Their nests are protected by Archelon, a Greek society for the Protection of the Sea Turtle.

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1 Review
  • ljilaserb 23 Oct 2008
    Relax on the soft sand of Mavrovouni
    Mavrovouni is certainly the longest and most crowded beach close to Gythio. It is a great strech of soft sand where you can lay on and feel relaxed under the sun! I loved this beach, you could lay for hours under the hot sun and hear nothing but the children playing and the sea waves... If you want to do some sports, there are bananas and water skiing clubs in Mavrovouni. Plus the beach is very close to the town of Gythion to go for a drink in the evening. I guess if you want to find an accommodation in Gythion, better stay in Mavrovouni to have the sea close by.