Find out everything about your holidays in Kyparissia on our travel guide! Kyparissia in Greece is a beautiful seaside town on the western coasts of Peloponnese. The modern town is located within a walking distance from the long, sandy beach, while on the slopes of the hill above there is the Old Town of Kyparissia. An old Medieval Castle stands on top of the hill, offering a nice view of the sea and the sunset. A relaxing place for family vacations, Kyparissia has many clean beaches in the region and interesting sights to see. In the day, swim on the lovely beaches, while in the evening enjoy the sunset from the Old Town or a drink at the bars above the beach promenade. Its convenient location makes it a great base for day excursions, including road trips to Kalamata, Pylos, and Olympia.

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Kyparissia is a lovely seaside town that makes an ideal family destination. This small town in western Peloponnese combines traditional architecture, modern tourist facilities and nice beaches in the region. On top of the hill above the modern town is the picturesque Old Town of Kyparissia and the Venetian Castle. This location is a great destination for families with kids and also serves as a convenient base for excursions in western and southern Peloponnese, such as to Olympia, Kalamata, Pylos and more.

The small town of Kyparissia Greece is located on the western coasts of Peloponnese. In the ancient years, it was a commercial port. The Castle of Kyparissia is also known as the Castle of Arcadia, which is the Medieval name of the town. It is one of the most famous sights of Kyparissia town and its location offers a nice view of the sea. From there, visitors also enjoy a romantic sunset view.

According to researchers, the Castle of Kyparissia was constructed by the Franks on the site of a previous Byzantine fortress. Another interesting sight is Ancient Peristeria, one of the earliest Mycenaean towns in Greece. There are few but enjoyable things to do in the region. Due to its central location, holidays in Kyparissia can be combined with road trips to Pylos, Kalamata, Olympia and other regions of Peloponnese.

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  • Lovely town
    Kyparissia Town is a beautiful seaside place with relaxing atmosphere. The modern town has every kind of facilities, while a picturesque older quarter is found on the hill above.
  • Town beach
    The town beach, also known as Ai-Lagoudis, is located only a short walk from the city centre. This is a long sandy coast with many tourist facilities.
  • Medieval Castle
    On the hill above Kyparissia are the ruins of the Medieval Castle. This location offers great view to the town and to the romantic sunset of Kyparissia.
  • Peristeria ancient site
    In short drive from Kyparissia Town is the archaeological site of Peristeria, hosting interesting vaulted tombs from the Mycenaenan times.