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Kyparissia town in Kyparissia: Kyparissia is a lovely coastal town. It is located along the coastline of south western Peloponnese. The town of Kyparissia lies about 280 km to the southwest of Athens. Kyparissia serves as the capital to the region of Trifilia.

This lovely town is located on the foothill of Egaleo Mountain and lies till the turquoise blue water of the Ionian Sea. The town of Kyparissia is divided in two parts, Ano Poli and Kato Poli.

The upper part of the town is known as Ano Poli and constitutes the older half of this settlement. Ano Poli carries a traditional aura around it as all houses are made of stone and have red-tiled roofs. Narrow paved streets cross Ano Poli and lovely cafes and taverns offer great views to the rest of Kyparissia. Kato Poli is actually the modern part of Kyparissia. There is a port in this part of the city and various shops. A square marks the centre of the city and the beach is a great place to relax.

There are many popular sights of attraction in Kyparissia. Among them, the Castle is the trademark of the town. The Castle dates back to the Byzantine Era and today it stands almost in ruins. Moreover, in Kyparissia, you will find many impressive churches, such as the church of Agios Athanasios in Kato Poli and Agia Triada in Ano Poli.

Kyparissia has all the advantages of a big city. There are several hotels and apartments in the town and even a well organized camping site. Taverns make great, traditional dishes and many beach bars are found along the coast to offer you some entertainment options.

Things To See And Do In Town

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Catch the sunset
This is not actually a castle but the remains of a castle! One tower and few walls have survived time on this hill above Kyparissia. A small cafeteria offers nice views to the town and the sea. If you go in the evening, stay for the sunset. It will be one of your ever best sunsets! I suggest you go by taxi to the castle (5 min from the central square of Kyparissia) and then walk down through the Old Town. On your way, you will find a lovely square with a large plane tree and a cafeteria with balcony to the sea.

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