Kyparissia Weather

The weather of Kyparissia is mild. The best season to visit the town is, of course, summer. Temperatures in summer are very hot and can reach 40-42°C. However, in the evening, a light breeze usually blows and the temperature descends at about 33-35°C. Autumn in Kyparissia starts in late October or early November with a few drops of rain that last for a couple of hours. Temperatures in autumn are not cold yet. Winter is not very wild in Kyparissia as the town is close to the sea. It rarely snows and temperatures do not go less than 5-10°C. Spring comes in middle March in this lovely town. Nature blossoms and it is a nice opportunity to go for some trekking along with the picturesque villages of Kyparissia. You can start swimming, even from middle May as temperatures are high.