Peloponnese Villages

Information about the Villages of Peloponnese, in Greece but also information about villages in many locations of the region: Peloponnese, the most touristic region of the Greek mainland, attract visitors with the beautiful landscape and the authentic places. As it is a large region, many parts of Peloponnese still remain unexplored by tourists.

The entire coastline of Peloponnese is amazing by every inch. Whether you are looking for popular resorts like Tolo, unexplored beaches in Mani, romantic towns with Venetian atmosphere like Pylos and Methoni, or even for vast sandy beaches in Killini, you will love every part of Peloponnese. These seaside villages get much frequented in summer, but still, do not lose their authenticity.

Nafplion and Monemvasia are two popular places in Peloponnese. Both with Venetian features, the Old Town of Nafplion is a romantic place for walking around, while the Castle Town of Monemvasia is entirely carved on a huge rock.

Of major interest are also the mountainous Peloponnese villages. These mountainous villages in Peloponnese get very popular as weekend destinations for the Athenians. Kalavryta, in particular, gets very busy in winter due to the ski center on the slopes of Mount Helmos.

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