Peloponnese Architecture

Information about the Architecture in Peloponnese, in Greece but also information about architecture in many locations of the region: Peloponnese is considered a miniature of Greece, a peninsula in southern Greece that suffered brutal invasions, conquerors and despite all that, it still preserved the Greek spirit through the historical monuments and its folklore tradition. The defensive Peloponnese architecture was adopted during the several conquerors that occupied the areas throughout the ages leaving a countless number of traces that survive even at the least known places of Peloponnese.

The areas of Peloponnese are renowned for the strong fortifications which used to be symbols of power. One who is observant will notice that Peloponnese is filled with treasures like Byzantine monuments, castles, most of which date from the prehistoric times and forts that symbolized the political authority through the dark years.

The stone built houses compose the magical scene of Peloponnese standing between the medieval towers that crown the hills of the villages. Most of its areas are authentically Greek, characterized by the local traditional architecture with the picturesque tiled roof houses and the lovely flourishing gardens. The houses were designed according to the verdant and isolated aspect of Peloponnese where rivers and streams pass behind the perfect mountain backdrop that dominates most of the villages. Well-maintained traditional properties rest on the green hills along with beautiful Byzantine churches and monasteries.

Peloponnese owns several masterpieces of Greek architecture from the medieval and Byzantine era scattered in its beautiful legendary seaside and mountainous villages. The region offers visitors a unique chance to admire a plethora of medieval traces and archaeological sites as well as the unique natural beauty. The best-known area in Peloponnese is definitely Olympia, the birthplace of the Olympics and one of the most famous archaeological places in the world featuring many temples and columns. The ancient theatre of Epidaurus is one of the most well-preserved monuments from the Hellenistic period.

Peloponnese is literally a living history museum with brilliant treasures that spread in its villages which played a major role in the history of Greece. Mycenae, Olympia, and Epidaurus are the birthplaces of ancient Greek civilization, places of unique interest with many archaeological sites to see. Mystras, Monemvasia, and Gythio are worldwide known as the fortified towns of Peloponnese with a great number of medieval structures and religious ornaments.

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