Find out everything about your holidays in Sparti on our travel guide! Located on the southeastern side of Peloponnese, Sparti is a small town with a famous history. Ancient Sparta was mostly a military city-state. The inhabitants believed that their only purpose in life was to become strong soldiers and protect their homeland even with their lives. A Spartan should be strong in body, healthy in mind and brave in character. They believed that the bravest death was death on the battlefield. The site of Ancient Sparta is located close to the modern city center, one of the few Greek towns built with architectural urban space. Tourism is limited in Sparti Greece and most visitors are passing by on their trip to other regions of Laconia.

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On the southern side of Peloponnese, there is the modern town of Sparti in Greece, constructed next to the location of Ancient Sparta. There is an interesting story regarding the modern foundation of this town. After ancient Sparta declined in the Roman times, another urban center was gradually formatted in the close location of Mystras and this center largely developed in the Byzantine times. However, after the liberation of Greece from the Ottomans, king Otto of Greece ordered in the 1830s the foundation of new Sparta to honor the ancient glory of the place. This new town was the first town in Greece to be constructed on an architectural plan. This town is found on the way to popular places, like Monemvasia, Elafonissos and Gythio.

Sparti Greece is a small town on the southeastern side of Peloponnese, in mainland Greece. Famous for its legendary history, Sparta was a military centered society, closed by mountainous boundaries from the rest of Greece. The remains of the ancient town can be seen in close distance from the city center. In the Byzantine times, the town of Sparti was neglected by the castle town of Mystras.

However, after Independence, King Otto of Greece ordered the reconstruction of Sparti and this is among the few Greek towns built according to an architectural plan. Sparti is on the way to popular places of Laconia, including Monemvasia, Gythio and Elafonissos. This is why holidays in Sparti can be combined with visits to many beautiful Greek destinations and various things to do.

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  • Archaeological Museum
    The small but interesting Archaeological Museum of Sparti hosts exhibits from excavations at the ancient town, the sanctuary of Apollo in Amykles and other sites in the region.
  • Museum of Olive Oil
    The Museum of Olive Oil Production is a thematic museum strongly connected to the local tradition, as Sparti produces some of the highest quality olive oil productions in Greece.
  • Trip to Mystras
    In short drive from Sparti is the famous Byzantine Castle of Mystras with the numerous churches. From the top of this castle you get amazing view to the valley of Sparti.