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General information

Fiscardo Village is located 49.5 km north of Argostoli, the capital of Kefalonia. Lapped in hills carpeted with cypresses and olive trees, this quaint fishing village is so beautiful that it was added to Project Natura 2000 for its protection. It boasts its own port but also a marina that is considered a boaters’ paradise and is densely packed with yachts in the summertime.
Harbourside, plentiful taverns, bars, and shops are waiting to welcome the visitors.

Despite being a relatively cosmopolitan destination nowadays, Fiskardo possesses a couple of sites for the history buffs, such as the Venetian Lighthouse and the Roman Cemetery.
Nikos Kavvadias, one of the greatest Greek writers, lived here.

Prehistoric graves testify that the village has been inhabited for the last 40.000 years.
Previously named Panormos, it was a well-known port during the Roman period.
Even though the great earthquakes of 1953 caused extensive destruction to the Ionian islands, Fiskardo somehow managed to stay untouched, resulting in picturesque traditional Ionian architecture adorning the alleys until this day.


More info about Fiscardo

Fiscardo has permanent inhabitants, so all necessary facilities are available for visitors. It’s a small village, so everything is at a close distance. Cars are not allowed inside the village, so you should leave your vehicle in the parking above the settlement or on the side of the main road.

Where to stay

Even though we’re discussing a small village, Fiscardo offers accommodation for different budgets. You can choose from rented rooms, hotels, apartments, and villas. However, bear in mind that the village is considered a quite high-end destination since it is a favorite among A-list celebrities, so be prepared to face some expensive lodge prices.
Check our hotel recommendations before booking your stay!

Where to Eat and Drink in Fiskardo

Most restaurants, tavernas, cafes and bars are located along the promenade.
Every single one is waiting to provide the customers with the best services.
The colorful chairs and tables of the cafes catch your eye and make you want to sit and enjoy a beverage.
Restaurants and tavernas rustle up delicious dishes from local, fresh ingredients while you’re gazing at the sea. A couple of cocktail bars lie across the port for those who want to enjoy a drink after dinner.
While sitting in one of the restaurants, ask for Robola, the not-to-miss local white wine.

The marina

The harbor is medium-sized yet bursting with boats, from traditional Kefalonian fishing boats to luxurious yachts, especially during the summer. It also offers a service station and a crane for ships for the guests who moor there.

Fiscardo Port


As it has a port, ferry routes are offered daily during the high season. The fact that the village is found near the channel between Ithaca and Kefalonia gives you the chance to pay a visit to the neighboring islands of Lefkada and Ithaca. During the winter, there’s only one route from Fiscardo and heads to the port of Vassiliki in Lefkada.
Nonetheless, ferries usually approach additional destinations during the high season.
The most common are:
• Routes to Vassiliki (Lefkada) (1 hour)
• Routes to Nidri (Lefkada) (1h 45m)
• Routes to Ithaca (45 minutes)
Ferry Tickets are affordable and available for passengers and vehicles.

Day Boat Trips

You can also book a shared day trip or a private cruise during your stay.
Fiscardo Cruises
offers both. Day trips depart at 10 am in the direction of Ithaca and stop at four spots, while a private cruise allows you to create your own cruise upon request.

Boat Rentals

The amount of coves and coasts that are accessible exclusively via the sea is quite large, so renting or hiring a boat makes it possible to discover your private beach of the day.
The area is ideal not only for experienced but also for beginner captains. More adventurous sailors may consider crossing the Ithaca-Kefalonia channel.

There are numerous companies offering boat hiring along the port of Fiscardo.
Regina’s Boats
boasts a range of motor boats that you can drive yourself. A driving license is not compulsory, you do need to be over 21 to operate a boat, though.

Some sights in the area

The Nautical and Environmental Museum is a unique experience for history lovers - and not only. You’ll have the chance to observe the skeletons of several marine mammals, including the whole washed-up skeleton of a whale found on Emblisi beach in 1995. It also hosts a photo gallery depicting the region’s history over the centuries
The museum is open daily from 10 am to 5 pm and the entrance is free for everyone.

The historical sites of the area include the lighthouses (the old Venetian lighthouse, built in the 16th century, and the new (Victorian) lighthouse, built in 1892), and the Roman Cemetery with a total of 47 tombs in it. The latter was found in 1993 and dates back to the first Christian centuries (2nd - 4th AD).

Where to swim

The most renowned beaches around Fiscardo are Foki and Emplisi.

Foki translates into “seal” in Greek language and established its name due to the popularity it has among Monachus Monachus seals. The lucky ones may even encounter one!
The beach is trapped in a small cove and is surrounded by lush vegetation. It is pebbly and boasts amazingly hued waters, with its color palette consisting of deep blue, emerald, and azure. The trees are in proximity to the beach, so if you’re seeking a place with shaded areas, Foki is the right beach for you. It’s also suitable for adventure seekers because of the cave on the edge of the cove, for anyone who feels like exploring.
The beach is easily approached on foot from Fiscardo.

Emplisi is a small and relatively unknown beach very close to Fiscardo. It’s perfect for travelers who hanker for tranquility because of its quite secluded location. The beach stretches across white rocks and is full of white pebbles as well. Like Foki, it is also a cove with dense vegetation around it, so natural shade is provided for free. The waters are crystal clear and perfect for snorkeling for those who don’t want to miss the chance to admire the rich seabed. There’s also an equipped kiosk on the beach in case you get hungry or thirsty.

Kimilia and Dafnoudi beaches are found in a relatively short distance and are equally good choices for a dive. Both are insanely beautiful with turquoise waters and are ideal for swimming and snorkeling.
Keep in mind that none of the aforementioned beaches is equipped with umbrellas and sunbeds, meaning that it would be better for you to head to the beach early to earn a good spot in the shade.


The village offers some very interesting activities for anyone who wants to skip casual swimming and eating.

Kayaking: Fiskardo Kayaks promises to offer you the best day by exploring various nearby beaches, using the congruous equipment for a safe yet fun experience.

Fishing: Fiscardo Chandlers are located along the harbor and provide you with fishing equipment. That way you can relax on a boat but also catch fresh fish to eat for dinner.

Scuba Diving: For the utter experience, Fiscardo Divers offers organized scuba dives in the regional beautiful waters. Their services include PADI training, trial dives for beginners, private dives, and programs for children.

Biking: The village also offers a two-wheeled experience for exploring more hidden places. eBike organizes three different types of excursions according to duration and difficulty. All routes are designed to allow you to admire the landscape and immerse in local history. They also provide an expert guide for anyone who is interested in being guided.

Hiking: If you feel like dusting off your hiking boots, Fiscardo features a plethora of footpaths. Walk the paths to come across and admire the local fauna and vegetation, caves, beaches, remnants, and hidden monuments.
The three main choices of routes include:
- The Battery Trail (10km)
The longest route lets you come across the throne of the Queen of Fiscardo, a 2.5 square hollow with three steps that consists of the lower section of the Roman cemetery. After that, you’ll be able to discover abandoned buildings in the hamlet of Psilithrias. As you follow the path to Gratsiantata, you’ll find yourself in the highest section of the trail that offers a spectacular view over the Ionian and Antipata village. The route continues to Panagia Platytera, a church built during the 18th century, and then to Frapata village, from where starts the paved path to the Battery. The Battery was built by Germans in 1942, but today you can only see the tunnel and the artillery's cement bases. The path to Kimilia takes you down to the beach and then to Emplisi, so you can certainly grab the opportunity to do a plunge or two before your return to Fiscardo!

- The Cypress Trail (4.7km)
Leaving Fiscardo, a path around Foki beach will lead you towards Tselentata village, and then step over big paving stones that will lead you to Katsatrata. From there, you can admire the fabulous vista of Ithaca, Lefkada, Meganisi, and the Greek mainland. As you follow the signs to Spiliovouna, you’ll encounter a ruined windmill. In Spiliovouno village you’ll see the remains of an old olive press, as well as ruined houses. Heading back to Fiskardo, you’ll pass by caves with rock roofs, where evidence of ancient habitation has been discovered.

- The Lighthouse Trail (850m)
Considered the easiest, this trail makes you walk through vegetation via the ruins of an early Christian Basilica dated back to the 6th-8th century AD. You’ll walk to the shore to see the Venetian lighthouse, where you can climb and have a breathtaking view of the channel between Ithaca and Kefalonia. Relatively close to the Venetian, you can find the Victorian lighthouse and the lighthouse keeper’s cottage between the two.

Even though pine trees and cypresses provide you with shade, don’t forget to carry a bottle of water with you!

Fiscardo has become a popular destination for a lot of travelers. Despite the amount of tourism, the small village carries off to hold its beauty against all odds. The breathtaking Ionian environment, along with the preserved, red-tiled houses, and the overall warm atmosphere, form the ideal setting to make you crave Fiskardo the moment you leave it.

Hotels in Fiscardo

We have made a selection of the best hotels in Fiscardo.
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Emelisse Nature

Hotel Maisonettes Suites Junior Suites Family Rooms4 stars

Emelisse Hotel is situated in Fiscardo in northern Kefalonia within walking distance from the beach. The hotel boasts air-conditioned rooms, maisonettes and suites, fully equipped with balcony or terrace, satellite TV, direct phone, safe box, minibar and coffee machine. Maisonettes and suites also ...

Recommended by Greeka

North Point Houses

Traditional Houses 

With its traditional style of architecture, the building complex of North Point Houses is situated in the area of Fiscardo. Surrounded by dense nature and offering a stunning view of the mountains, the houses are ideal for guests who seek serene natural scenery and a calming atmosphere. Private ...



Rooms Suites3 keys

Agnantia situated in Tselentata, one of the greenest parts of Kefalonia with a spectacular view to the Kefalonia- Ithaca Sea Canal. It is a family-run complex of apartments and studios of Venetian style, appointed with luxury amenities, such as embroidered linen, cocomat mattresses and Korres ...


Things to See & Do in Fiscardo

Check out the things to see & do in Fiscardo during your stay and explore what the area has to offer.

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3 Reviews
  • hilary.williams1 10 Feb 2010
    Not just for yachties
    The journey from the airport may take one and half hour but to discover Fiscardo is well worth the effort. The buildings in this village managed to escape the earthquake of 1953 that devastated many parts of Kefalonia. Most of the houses are built in the attractive Venetian design and painted in pastel colours. Around the horseshoe shaped harbour are a good selection of tavernas and bars. I thoroughly enjoy sitting at these of an evening, watching the yachts coming in to moor. It is very popular for boats and as the evening progresses the berths become full. Consequently some yachts have to moor out in the bay and the sailors journey to shore in small dinghies. A few crews decide to remain on board eating al fresco, a lovely way to spend an evening. Dotted around the village are a few chic boutiques, a good bakery and a friendly chandler with a ready smile, always willing to chat.
  • karina27 17 Dec 2008
    Sunbathing and lovely lunches
    Kefalonia is a wonderful Island. We stayed in Fiscardo for a week in a villa and it was fabulous! There are some amazing little hidden beaches and coves to discover, many had great little tavernas. The villages are very picturesque and unspoilt - as is the whole island in my opinion. Fiscardo is particularly nice as it still has all its old bulidings, which survived the earhquake a while back. The little harbour there was very pretty, lined with tavernas. It is mainly a quiet little village, but it had quite a buzz at night and is visited by many yachts who come in and stay for the night. Regarding food, the restaurants all seemed to have a very high standard. The local wine that you buy by the kilo with your meal is really excellent and very reasonably priced! So, what I remember most from Kefalonia is the sunbathing and lots of lovely lunches!
  • jane24er 14 Jul 2008
    Many colours
    I think what makes Fiskardo special is the many colours it has. Most houses are built in pink, yellow and blue and this gives a cheerful vibe to the village. My favorite thing in Fiskardo was to sitr at a cafe and have a cold coke by the sea, while people were walking besides. It was trully relaxing. Once you go, you will love the fishing boats at the port and the friendly people.