Fiskardo Divers in Kefalonia

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Location: Fiscardo

Fiskardo Divers was established in 2005 by a French biologist and scuba diving instructor, who has also founded the Environmental Museum of Fiskardo and a research organization. It is an eco-dive resort focusing on protecting the magnificent marine life of the Ionian Sea and conducting dives without endangering the environment.

Kefalonia is well-known for its breathtaking beaches and magical nature, making its tranquil waters the perfect place to try scuba diving! The establishment offers courses for beginners, even children over five years old, experienced divers, as well as those who wish to obtain a certification.

Setting off from the harbor of Fiskardo, it includes 18 different diving sites. Because of the island’s interesting geological morphology, participants have the chance to visit underwater caverns, canyons, arches and cliffs. They will be able to see many species of fish and plants, as well as monk seals and Caretta-Caretta turtles! Additionally, there are many wrecks on the seabed of Kefalonia, both more recent ones and some dating back to ancient times.




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