Kefalonia Things to Do

We have compiled a list of the Best Things to Do in Kefalonia, which includes the absolute must-sees and must-dos during your stay on the heavenly Ionian island: places to visit, attractions, where to swim, activities, tours, where to eat, and more.

In brief, the best things to do include swimming in the waters of the ravishing Myrtos and other dazzling beaches, visiting the one-of-a-kind Drogarati and Melissani caves and exploring the island’s quaint villages, like Fiscardo and Assos.

Open the table of contents to see our suggestions for the 20+ best things to do once on Kefalonia Island.

Myrtos, one of the mostt impressive beaches of Kefalonia

1. Swim at some of the best beaches in Greece

Category: Beaches

Kefalonia is praised across the world for the magnificent scenery of its beaches and visiting as many of them as possible is the best thing to do during your stay! Despite the thousands of annual visitors, the azure and turquoise waters remain more than clean while the lush vegetation surrounding them is the element that tops the setting off!

The most renowned beach is none other than Myrtos. Its crystal clear and bright blue waters make it one of the most beautiful beaches in the world! It is a very long beach located in a crescent-shaped bay and surrounded by mountains and cliffs covered with lush vegetation and trees.

• Antisamos Beach is also situated in a bay and encompassed by all kinds of flourishing greenery. The dense vegetation around the beach is mirrored into the water, giving it a distinctive blue-greenish hue.
• The same effect can be seen in Petani, a sandy beach with crystal clear waters. There, you will find many facilities, such as umbrellas, showers and traditional taverns.
Skala combines mountain and sea, thanks to the dense pine tree forest right by the coast. Skala has earned a Blue Flag award for its crystal clear waters that remain unspoiled.

Moreover, Xi is a rather uncommon sight, as it is covered with rare, brownish-orange sand. Near the beach stand enormous white clay cliffs, where many visitors take the opportunity for a free self-spa treatment, covering their body and face with clay mud, which is considered to be very therapeutic and skin-nourishing.

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Fiscardo, the cosmopolitan village of Kefalonia

2. Stroll around the cosmopolitan Fiscardo

Category: Villages

Fiscardo and its lovely marina have been a meeting place for the glitterati for years. This small village has colorful seafront houses that will surely steal your heart! It is one of the island's oldest Venetian settlements, with listed buildings of great historic value that survived several catastrophic earthquakes.

Even though Fiscardo’s picturesque architecture will take you back to the past, the village does not lack modern facilities. On the contrary, it has taverns, restaurants, cafes and shops, all constructed to fit the image and local architectural standards. Tile roofs and vivid colors, green forests and turquoise waters, this little village has all it takes to form one of the most beautiful landscapes in the area!

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Petani Bay, a bautiful hotel

3. Stay at a charming hotel

Category: Hotels

Are you looking for a place to stay in Kefalonia? The island offers countless options that correspond to various styles. Booking the ideal hotel is among the best things to do if you want to enjoy your vacation to the fullest! We have listed some of the best hotels on the island below in order to help you find the one that suits you the most.

North Point Houses and North Point Rooms are stone-built, creating a cozy atmosphere with traditional elements. They feature a lovely garden and an outdoor pool and constitute an excellent choice for anyone who wants a peaceful place to unwind and enjoy the natural landscape of Kefalonia.
Museum Hotel George Molfetas makes it possible to stay in a historic building! It was initially constructed in 1895, and it has been carefully renovated. The fancy antiques and the authentic 19th-century decor will make you feel like you’re time-traveling back to another era!
FZeen is located just a few meters away from Lourdas Beach. The lush green gardens, outdoor pools and gym facilities are designed to help you reconnect with nature. This is a peaceful sanctuary where you can treat yourself, get active and enjoy the healing effects of nature while enjoying luxurious comforts.

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The stalactites of the cave of Dragarati

4. Explore Melissani and Drogarati caves

Category: Sightseeing

The natural beauty of Kefalonia is undreamed of! Its landscape and geomorphology are like they have come out of heaven, with two caverns comprising the top attractions and visiting them is an unparalleled thing to do.

The first is Melissani Cave, a unique natural phenomenon and a must-see for anyone visiting Kefalonia. The B-shaped cave consists of two halls and is accessible by boat, as a lake lies inside! The natural ceiling of the cave collapsed years ago in one of its halls, with the hole allowing sunlight into the cavern and tinting the entire area blue!
A few kilometers away, Drogarati is an equally impressive cave. It is a rare geological phenomenon, with sharp stalactites and stalagmites that count millions of years old! Dim artificial lighting has been added to enhance the atmosphere and the look of the extraordinary rock formations.
Are you ready to explore the astonishing cave halls and witness the sculptures created by nature?

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The seaside village of Assos

5. Visit the picturesque Assos

Category: Villages

This area should become a part of the to-do list of all fans of serenity and quaintness. The village of Assos was built on a small peninsula right by the sea and is surrounded by mountains and dense vegetation. This remote area is a true gem, as the lovely picturesque houses have been painted in vivid colors, creating a friendly atmosphere that invites you to stroll around the village. It attracts many visitors during the summer, which is why you will find many restaurants, taverns, cafes and other facilities. Don’t forget to visit the ruins of the old Venetian castle; by the time you reach the arched gate of the fort, you will be rewarded with a stunning view of the seafront village, the wilderness around it and the bright blue sea waters of Kefalonia.

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Cars available for rent at the Mercury car rental agency in Kefalonia

6. Discover the island with your own car

Category: Transportation

Kefalonia is a large island with numerous beauties, both noted and hidden. The island's geography includes stunning beaches, mountains, caves, and lakes, among others, as well as many man-made points of interest, such as impressive buildings and museums. Some are close to tourist spots and are well-known attractions while others are hidden and a spirit of adventure is all you need to discover them. To access as many places as you can hassle-free and without depending on bus schedules, a rental car is the solution!
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The seaside restaurants of Fiscardo village

7. Taste palatable meals at the best restaurants

Category: Eat & Drink

During your stay in Kefalonia, the best thing to do in terms of gastronomy is to not skip tasting the local cuisine as well as the tasty Robola wine. Plentiful restaurants of all kinds are situated across the island. Fish taverns serving the fresh catch of the day are mainly located in seaside areas like Fiscardo, while the regions of Lassi, Lourdas and Agia Efimia are home to many traditional restaurants.

Our recommendations for dining include Tassia in Fiscardo, Ampelaki in Argostoli, Flamingo in Skala and Ionio in Lassi.

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The seaside town of Argostoli, the capital of the island

8. Explore the town of Argostoli

Category: Villages

Argostoli is the capital of Kefalonia and the most busy place on the island. Most of its buildings preserve elements of traditional Venetian architecture and its long paved promenade is great for evening walks.
Some of the island’s most important things to see are located there - De Bosset Bridge, the Archaeological Museum and the Municipal Theatre on Georgiou Vergoti Street are among the most impressive sights travelers will encounter after a stroll around town.

In order to wander around the picturesque town and see all of these major landmarks and much more, we recommend booking a walking tour. During this excursion, you will have the opportunity to visit its most impressive buildings and discover the best local shops!

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Paraglising above Myrtos Beach

9. Try paragliding over Myrtos

Category: Sports

Do you enjoy extreme sports and are in the mood for something adventurous? If yes, the best thing to do is to paraglide over the beach of Myrtos and admire the beauty of the landscape from above! The uniqueness of flying over the turquoise waters and lush green hillsides of Kefalonia and the sense of absolute freedom cannot be described by words but can only be experienced! 

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The area of Katovothres

10. Visit Katavothres

Category: Sightseeing

At the tip of the peninsula of Argostoli, the sea waters meet the land to flow beneath it and disappear mysteriously, as if they’re swallowed by the earth! Geologists have conducted many experiments to find out why this happens, only to discover traces of paint on the opposite side of the island and in Melissani Cave! Visit Katavothres for the opportunity to observe this strange phenomenon in person and leave all questions regarding the uncharted underground passages of the island aside!

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Scuba diving in the many spots of the island

11. Admire the underwater scenery by scuba diving

Category: Sports

If you love exploring the depths of the sea, whether you are already an experienced scuba diver or just started, Kefalonia is the perfect destination for you! Scuba diving is the best thing to do if you are a water fanatic, as the island is very popular for its magical sea bottom and transparent and safe waters. There are scuba diving clubs that offer diving sessions and courses, and depending on your experience level you may be able to discover the local sea life, underwater caves, rocky bottoms and the shipwreck of Perseus!

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The wines produced by Haritatos

12. Head to Haritatos Vineyard for wine tasting

Category: Eat & Drink

The winery of Haritatos made Kefalonia famous thanks to the fine wine it produces. The vineyard is a museum that represents the wine production of the island throughout the years.

Besides the boutique winery, you will discover vast vineyards and olive groves, as well as the family’s 19th-century farmhouse and chapel. Don’t miss the chance to get a taste of their cellar-aged wine! Grab a glass of mavrodaphne and let it introduce you to the traditional way of life in the rural side of Kefalonia.

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The Saristra Festival at the abandoned Palia Vlahata village

13. Attend the Saristra Festival at the abandoned Palia Vlahata village

Category: Festivals

Palia Vlachata is an old small settlement with abandoned houses, characterized by a gloomy atmosphere of decadence that will have you wondering about the life stories of long-forgotten people.
Once a year, during the Saristra festival, the old ruins temporarily come back to life and the shadows of the past are replaced by the dazzling lights and melodies of today.

Attending the festival is a different thing to do on the island and a great opportunity to discover the vibrant underground music scene of Kefalonia, meet new people and dance among the ruins.

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Views from Mount Ainos

14. Hike Mount Ainos National Park

Category: Sightseeing

Ainos is the highest mountain in Kefalonia. It is considered a National Park and it is covered with dense forests and flourishing nature.

There are numerous hiking paths you can take to explore the local flora and fauna, including unique fir trees that only grow on the island (Abies Cephalonica), foxes and wild horses. The refreshing atmosphere of the forest is an excellent getaway from the summer’s heat, and the experience will make you connect with nature. On Mount Ainos, you will also encounter the old monasteries of Agios Eleftherios and Zoodohos Pigi, located near a natural water fountain.

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The village and castel of the pinsinsula of Assos

15. Explore the castles

Category: Sightseeing

Castles are undoubtedly one of the most impressive categories of attractions. Kefalonia is endowed with two, both impressive and worth visiting!

Located near Argostoli, the Castle of Saint George is one of the most important historical points of interest to visit on the island. It was initially constructed during the 12th century, and its enclosing walls protected an entire town until the Middle Ages. The fortress was reconstructed during the Venetian Period, and its impressive ruins along with an old catholic church are still preserved, despite the damage caused by earthquakes throughout the years.
Another notable landmark to see is the Venetian Castle of Assos, which was built in the 16th century to protect Assos from pirates. Apart from its imposing arched entrance gate, the inside of the castle consists mainly of ruins, wells and fragments of old Venetian buildings. Wandering around the castle, you may still be able to feel the remnants of the old world.

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The village and castel of the pinsinsula of Assos

16. Go on a day trip to Ithaca

If you plan on visiting other places besides Kefalonia, selecting Ithaca as your destination is the best thing to do! A great boat trip option can take you to Ithaca, the closest island to Kefalonia, where you can spend an extra day.

By choosing one of the available cruises, you will have the opportunity to swim in the turquoise waters of some of Ithaca’s best beaches and admire the lush green landscape, that the island is widely known for.
Seizing the opportunity to see more than one island at a time is always a great idea!

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Kipoureon Monastery

17. Pay a visit to the monasteries

Category: Sightseeing

The large number of churches and monasteries on the island makes Kefalonia a favorite destination for lovers of religious tourism.

Agios Gerasimos Monastery, the most sacred place on the island for Christians lies near Mount Ainos. The monastery was established in 1560 by the island’s patron saint Agios Gerasimos. Inside it, visitors will encounter the cave where he used to reside, a living plane tree planted by him centuries ago, his tomb and his relics.
With an impressive location on the edge of a cliff, Kipoureon Monastery offers an amazing view of the scenery. The monastery was constructed in the 17th century and was named after its beautiful gardens that the monks who lived there used to cultivate. The church’s precious iconography and relics, as well as the stunning natural setting, make this monastery stand out.
Individuals interested in religious buildings can also visit many more monasteries on the island, such as the Monastery of Lagouvarda, the Monastery of Sissia and the Monastery of Agios Andreas.

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The beautiful lighthouse of Saint Theodore during the sunset

18. See the lighthouse of Saint Theodoroi

Category: Sightseeing

Not very far from Argostoli, you may notice a small circular structure surrounded by simple Doric columns. This is the lighthouse of Saint Theodoroi, which was built during the British occupation of the island.
Unfortunately, the original structure of the lighthouse was destroyed due to a catastrophic earthquake in 1953, but a few years later, it was reconstructed with a design very similar to the original one. The lighthouse is situated in a secluded area and offers mesmerizing views of the bright blue sea waters.

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The beautiful lake of Karavomilos

19. Visit Karavomilos Lake

Category: Sightseeing

Visiting Karavomilos Lake is an excellent thing to do, especially if you are a nature lover. It was artificially created but constitutes an important natural habitat for numerous flora and fauna species. Additionally, it showcases a distinctive geology, as it is connected to the Katavothres by underground tunnels and caves. You can hike around the lake and even reach the Melissani cave or the beach of Sami, both fairly close to the site. When you want to take a break, you may visit the traditional tavern nearby and try homemade delicacies.

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The shipwreck beach of Zakynthos

20. Go on a day trip to Zakynthos

In case you have some spare time during your vacation in Kefalonia and are interested in seeing a bit more of the Ionian Sea, a wonderful thing to do is participate in a well-organized, full-day boat tour to the beautiful island of Zakynthos located nearby.
With this cruise, you will have the opportunity to pass by the world-famous Shipwreck Beach Navagio in Zakynthos, swim around the unique natural arches formed at the Blue Caves, and explore the small seafront village of Alykanas.
Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity!

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21. Are you an animal lover? Visit DORIS-ARK!

Category: Other

DORIS-ARK is a non-profit organization founded in 2011 by people who love animals in order to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome the island's stray animals. They also provide the animals shelter, food and care until they find their forever homes.
The premises are located only 5 minutes from the center of Argostoli, so consider paying a visit to say hi to the lovely people and cute animals. Who knows? You may return home with one more family member!
Visit their website: