Churches in Kefalonia

The countless Orthodox churches and monasteries of Kefalonia mark the religious faith of the locals and bear witness to nearly two centuries of history which is strongly connected to the Venetian architecture.

In the Omala Valley, between the village of Fragata and Valsamata lies the Monastery of Agios Gerasimos dedicated to the patron saint of Kefalonia. Today, it is the most important female monastery, built by the saint Gerasimos himself in the 16th century. Inside the premises lies a tiny church and a cave where the saint lived.
Close to Peratata village lies the Byzantine monastery of Agios Andreas. It was built by three nuns in 1579 and includes within its premises the Ecclesiastical Museum where valuable treasures on display.

Amid a unique landscape, on 700 meters altitude in Peratata village stands the most ancient Byzantine monastery of Kefalonia, the monastery of Panagia Atrou. At least half of the distance can be covered by car and then you have to continue on foot. In any case, the route is ideal for hiking and visitors are impressed by the peaceful atmosphere and the natural beauty.

Near Sami is the 18th-century monastery of Agrilion. The monastery was built after the discovery of the miraculous icon of the Virgin, in 1722. If you find yourselves in Lourda village, you should definitely make a stop at the 13th-century monastery of Sissia, which used to be the richest monastery of Kefalonia.

At the most beautiful settings of Kefalonia, close to Paliki village stands the historical monastery of Kipoureon. It was built in the 17th century and today only one monk lives there. In the village of Makropoulos is located the church of the Virgin Mary Lagouvarda over the site of an old monastery. Other Kefalonia churches are The monastery of Agia Paraskevi and the church of Estavromenos.