Kefalonia Monastery of Agios Andreas

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Location: Peratata

The Monastery of Agios Andreas in Kefalonia (named after Apostle Andrew) was founded during the Byzantine era, though it was reestablished in the year 1579 when three nuns who privately owned the monastery decided to create a small-sized nun convent! Located in the area of Milapedia in Peratata Village, this monastery received large-size grants from the Greek-Romanian princess Roxanne (who was later renamed Romila) in order for her to live as a nun, bringing alongside with her a holy relic from Mount Athos, being that of a foot of Saint Apostle.

During the British rule of the early 19th century, there were numerous conflicts between the British and the monastery residents due to the fact that the nuns would often resist their laws and remarks. This all concluded in 1832 when the British interrupted the services and covered the monastery's gorgeous frescoes with asbestos as punishment.

Nowadays, this monastery features an old church, which was the only building that survived the destructive earthquake of 1953, hosting an ecclesiastical Byzantine Museum (founded in 1988) with various artworks worth watching! The treasures, dating between 1300 and 1900, include belongings from the old abandoned church buildings of the island, as well as stunning sights and holdings, including scepters, shrouds, and garments from various martyrs and saints! Plus, a plethora of wall paintings, frescoes, and icons are housed in the Museum, most importantly a painting of Romila along with her parents, as well as her fantastic, hand-sewn works with golden embroidery!

Nuns usually keep themselves busy with gardening, artisanal handicrafts, and making bishop robes or other types of clothing, whereas Divine Eucharistic Liturgies take place each Sunday, even though solemn vigils are also commonplace. In addition, the nunnery celebrates twice each year, once on the Friday after Easter and once on the day of Apostle Andrew, the 30th of November.

How to get there

The Monastery of Agios Andreas is located in Peratata Village.

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