Kefalonia Memorial of Acqui Division

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Location: Lassi

Located on a hill above Argostoli, around 3 kilometers from the town, the Memorial of Acqui Division is dedicated to the Italian soldiers of the 33rd Infantry Division who were killed by the Nazis in September 1943. The Italians had declared an armistice, but the Germans would not accept it, so they decided to disarm and attack them. Over 9000 of the 12000 total soldiers and officials were killed in battle, by drowning, by execution, or because of bombings, as they were labeled as deserters. The exact location where the execution took place can be found near the monument.

The monument commemorates the Kefalonia Massacre, one of the most significant events in the island's history, and it started attracting many visitors after it was shown in the movie Captain Corelli's Mandolin. On top of it, one can see plaques with signs written in both Italian and Greek, mentioning events, names and locations.



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