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Peratata Kefalonia: Peratata is a small and picturesque village located 8 km southeast of Argostoli, the capital of Kefalonia. It is built on the slopes of a hillside of Mountain Ainos surrounded by a verdant landscape. At the top of the hill stands the 16th century castle of Saint George dominating the village.

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The population of the village is about 500 inhabitants. Those who visit Peratata will definitely enjoy the peaceful atmosphere and the traditional way of life. The village hosts many traditional taverns serving delicious food.

A stroll along the settlement reveals the old architecture with pretty stone houses. Paths lead to various monuments that reflect the rich history and tradition of the area. Peratata is home to several sightseeings such as the Monastery of Agios Andreas and its Byzantine Museum, the Venetian Castle and the Mycenaean tombs. Peratata guarantees a pleasant stay with various accommodation and some modern amenities for the tourists.

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2 Reviews
  • St 27 Jun 2022

    They don’t admit anybody from 15.30. They didn’t even let me look inside, despite begging them as I drove very long to be able to see the castle from inside.

  • cicipu 02 Aug 2010
    Almost entirely ruined
    There is not much of a castle remaining. It is located just above the village Peratata. It is polygonal in shape and covers quite an extensive area. Unfortunately, the castle is ruined today and only few buildings survive. But as the history goes that when the castle was in full bloom and during time of glory, it served as a protection for people in times of war. It is quite unbelievable that this ruined place could earlier had residences, public building, churches, hospitals, prisons and storehouses filled with food and weapons. It was like an entire city inside the castle! Unfortunately none of that remains now however you can go there for royal ruins and some amazing panoramic views. There is also a cafeteria in the castle where you can sip and munch. Overall it is a nice place but nothing extravagant.