Kefalonia Church of Agios Spiridon

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Location: Argostoli

Kefalonia's church of Agios (Saint) Spiridon lies in the heart of Argostoli, around the middle of the Lithostroto, its charming central cobble street. It is documented that the church had operated at least since the middle of the 18th century. Its most impressive part is certainly its gilded, wood-carved iconostasis. It used to belong to the Metropolis of Kefalonia, which was destroyed during the catastrophic earthquake of 1953.

The church itself needed to be reconstructed after these tragic events, so it was rebuilt right across the street from where it used to stand. The bells of the clock tower remained intact and were placed at their original spot. Every August 11th, a procession and a litany take place commemorating the victims of the earthquake, along with the miracles of Agios Spiridon. The church also celebrates on December 12th.



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