Kefalonia Lithostroto (Cobble) Street

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Location: Argostoli

Lithostroto or Cobble street is located in the heart of Argostoli. It is actually the central street of Argostoli and a great place for a walk.
You will come across a white-tiled, 800 meters long, paved street, full of people, shops, and cafes. Its starting point is the Kabana Square and spans almost until the central square of Argostoli, the Vallianos Square.
In its ending point lies the famous Kefalos Theater.

Its history is rich, since it has been the meeting place of the locals, and the most cosmopolitan site of Argostoli, for a very long time. In the past, it was home to perfume shops, coiffures, typography houses, and pastry shops. It was also the place where merchants displayed and sold Europe's finest products in Kefalonia.

Today, you will still find a big variety of products. From souvenirs and traditional local products to high-fashion clothes and fine jewelry.
It is also full of cozy cafes and restaurants, for all tastes and budgets.
It is the place where locals take their winter or summer walks (Peratzada), have their coffee, and celebrate many of their local traditions.
The most important customs that locals participate in take place on Easter and New Year's Eve. The religious processions pass through, as also the celebrations of the Twelve Days of Christmas.
The Kefalonians, renowned for their love of music, perform most of their lyrical serenades here.

You can combine some sightseeing with your walk since there are many old mansions that decorate the area, many of which belonged to famous locals.
Don't forget to visit the church of Saint Spyridon, and the Church of Saint Nicholas, the only Catholic church on the island.

The best time to visit is probably in the evening, because the accompanying lighting in the evening hours, highlights beautifully the picturesque street.



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