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The wine tradition of Kefalonia dates from ancient times and continues until today. On a drive around the island, visitors shall meet many Kefalonia wineries, especially in the central and southern parts. One of the largest wineries in Kefalonia is the Robola Cooperative, which is open to visitors and has a small open museum in the yard. Robola is actually the most famous wine variety of Kefalonia and has received many awards in world wine-tasting competitions.

Which are the best Wineries in Kefalonia?
We have made a selection with the best 4 Wineries in Kefalonia and marked our favorite ones with a ❤.

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Haritatos Vineyard

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Haritatos Vineyard Winery is a family-owned estate that cultivates and creates classic wine tastes with unique twists while offering tours around the vineyard!


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The winery of Gentilini in the village of Minia boasts a selection of high-class wines and ten acres of vineyards while providing extensive vineyard tours and a rich cellar.

Sclavos Wines

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Kefalonia's mountainous terrain has given rise to a series of microclimates that are ideal for growing a variety of grapes. Sclavos family has a long history of winemaking and the family tradition can be traced back to a few generations.

Divino Wines & Vinegar

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In Divino Winery, guests will find high-quality wines and vinegar, while they can also visit the on-site wine museum and try all the different flavors produced.