Kefalonia Sclavos Wines Winery in Lixouri

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Location: Lixouri

Kefalonia's mountainous terrain has given rise to a series of microclimates that are ideal for growing a variety of grapes. Sclavos family has a long history of winemaking and the family tradition can be traced back to a few generations.

They started in 1860 in Odissos with a huge wine storage unit and then later on in 1919 the family created the first vineyard in Kechriona, Paliki Peninsula in Kefalonia. After many decades, a new enterprise was launched that would substitute all the past efforts. This change included the expansion and modernization of the winery adapting to the needs of the present owner.

Today, Sclavos winery is located in Lixouri and specializes in the different wine varieties. The majority of their wine growing areas have been in the Paliki peninsula and the current head of operations is Evriviadis Sclavos, a professional viticulturist who has adopted the system of biodynamic agriculture. The vines bear mild treatment methods for the diseases of the vineyards while the fertilization is based on organic plants. They use biological cultivation since 1996. Sclavos wines are offered in the best restaurants of Kefalonia.




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