You will find below our selection of the best hotels on Kefalonia island but also the best locations for your stay!

On a quick note, the most popular places for hotels are Skala, Lassi, Sami, and Argostoli, ensuring easy access to many tourist facilities.
If you are looking for a more traditional environment with a romantic atmosphere, then the villages of Fiscardo and Assos are some of the best options.
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Below, you will discover more information about the best locations for a stay in Kefalonia.
When booking your stay, opt for 5 nights to 1 full week, which is considered the ideal stay duration.


Our recommendations:
Alley Boutique Hotel & SpaLimanaki hotelPanorama Fanari

The seafront city of Argostoli is the island’s capital and the best place to stay if you want to be close to the action.
It is full of life all day and night, with bars, restaurants, cafes, shops, and numerous other facilities.
Argostoli offers a lovely seafront promenade and its cosmopolitan streets are full of interesting spots to discover.
For the most part of the city, the traditional style of architecture has been preserved, making its picturesque neighborhoods ideal for daily strolls.
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Our recommendations:
Mediterranee hotelThalassa Boutique hotel

For families, couples, and other visitors who are searching for an area with a chilled-out atmosphere, Lassi is the ideal destination for a typical seaside vacation style by the beach.
Numerous facilities are available, from hotels to villas and apartments, since Lassi is considered one of the island’s top tourist resorts.
The restaurants and bars of Lassi are usually located within a short walking distance from the beach, which is famous for its turquoise waters and silky soft sand.


Our recommendations:
Sami Beach HotelPenelope villas

Sami is a charming seafront town that has grown to be quite popular and its harbours are always busy.
The natural landscape surrounding the town is truly something else: mountains covered with dense forests enclose the small town and make it appear to be secluded.
Sami is the best location if you are planning to visit the neighboring island of Ithaca and its streets are full of cafes and restaurants.
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Our recommendations:
Tesoro BluKtima FabiatosApostolata island resort spa

Offering a variety of excellent tourist facilities, from restaurants to taverns and shops, Skala has everything you need for a comfortable vacation.
It is one of the best-developed areas on the southern part of the island, attracting numerous visitors every year.
There is a long organized beach, covered with golden sand and shingle, and providing water sports facilities as well.
The location is family-friendly, with plenty of options to choose from.
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Our recommendations:
Emelisse Nature ResortNorth Point HousesAlmyra Hotel

With its traditional houses and charming little port, Fiscardo village steals the heart of every visitor!
Its calm and friendly atmosphere is ideal for couples and other visitors who wish to stay in a peaceful area.
The village is surrounded by dense greenery and its streets are full of coffee shops and taverns.
Despite its small size, it is well-organized in terms of tourism facilities and there is a small rocky beach known as Zavalata where you can swim, which is located near a Roman archeological site.
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Our recommendations:
Kymata Bohemian Beach ResortPetani Bay Hotel

The coastal village of Lixouri is the perfect place to stay if you want an authentic experience of local life.
It is the second largest village on the island but its picturesque character has been fully preserved and many local festivals are regularly organized.
It is full of shops and restaurants, while most of the units in the area are traditional apartments or studios, as well as a few hotel units.
Lixouri is a lively place and although there is no beach to swim, the sea views are excellent.
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Our recommendations:
Avithos Resort hotelMonambeles VillasCypress GardenSeason villas

Located near the airport of Kefalonia, the village of Svoronata can be found in an idyllic location, surrounded by greenery and close to a few amazing beaches.
It is a small traditional village, with cottages and village houses that have flowery gardens.
Although it is not considered a touristy place, numerous hidden gems are waiting to be discovered in the area, including luxury villas and cozy apartments or studios that guarantee serenity and peace.
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Kefalonia is one of the most beautiful islands of the Ionian Sea, with stunning beaches, lush nature, and an amazing mountainous natural landscape.
It is the biggest Ionian island and well-developed in terms of tourism infrastructure, with numerous options and other tourist facilities all over the island.

In terms of hotel type, you will find a wide variety of options for all budgets, from 5-star luxury resorts and villas to low-cost options such as rooms-to-let and b&bs.
Kefalonia is suitable for all kinds of travellers, including families who are interested in comfortable and spacious places and couples who are seeking suites and villas with a romantic atmosphere in Fiscardo or Assos.




When should I book my hotel?

Kefalonia is visited by thousands of tourists every year so booking early at your hotel is recommended. Especially if you are travelling during the high season (July- August) it is safer to have completed your reservation 4-5 months in advance.

When is the best time to visit?

The tourist season in Kefalonia starts at the end of May and finishes at the end of September. July and August are the busiest months on the island.
If you want a relaxed atmosphere during your holiday, you can avoid visiting during those two busy months.
We would suggest that probably the best time to visit the island is late June to mid-July when the weather is nice but the island is not yet too crowded.

Where should I book my hotel? is an online travelling guide about Greece and the Greek islands operating since 1999.
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Is there another way to make a hotel reservation?

You can contact the hotel by phone or mail. In some cases, you might find some cheaper rates but it is not recommended.

Will I find last-minute availability?

Don’t wait until the last minute to book your lodging if you are travelling from July to early September.
Although there are many hotel units, it remains a popular destination and lodgings get sold out quickly.
Booking your stay 4-5 months in advance is safe and you will have a plethora of accommodations to choose from whereas price rates will be reasonable.

Is accommodation expensive?

It depends on the period and the type of hotel. Lower rates are found during May and after mid-September. Higher rates are found during the high season.

How much does accommodation cost?

It depends on many factors. An average estimation without including Luxury options, for 2 persons would be around 100-150 euros/per night in high season.

Where is the best place to stay if you are travelling on a budget?

You can find cheap options (60-120euros) in different parts of the island. There are mostly clean and comfortable rooms-to-let that might not be very close to the sea or with a sea view and their design might be a bit basic.

Where is the best place to stay for a family with children?

There are many options ideal for a family travelling with kids. There is not a specific location that is more kid-friendly than another.