How to move around Kefalonia?

You will find information about transportation in Kefalonia and how to move around below.

You can move around Kefalonia by using a:
Public Bus (KTEL)Local FerryCar RentalPrivate TransferTour
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Public Buses (KTEL)

Public transportation is the most low-cost option to move around in Kefalonia. The central bus station is located in Argostoli, but there are also stations in Sami, Poros and Lixouri. Itineraries are frequent, but additional routes are added to the timetables during the high season. The routes serve a large part of the island and so several areas can be reached via a public bus, including the infamous Fiscardo and Myrtos.

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Local Ferry

A ferry boat operates routes between Argostoli and Lixouri. The crossing lasts around 30 minutes and can save you time, considering that the distance between the two towns is 35 km.

Car rentals in Κefalonia

A car or a motorbike allows you to access all areas of the island at any time, without being dependent on bus routes. If you have not brought your vehicle to Kefalonia, consider renting a car for your transfer and excursions. It is recommended that you book your vehicle in advance as demand increases during the summer.
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Taxis and private transfers

The taxi is the most costly of the alternatives, but it certainly offers a comfortable and fast ride. There are many taxis in Kefalonia, with most of them located at the airport, ports and in the most central locations such as Argostoli, Lixouri and Sami. Keep in mind that Kefalonia is a fairly large island, so the distances between its regions are correspondingly long. If you want to get from one end of the island to the other, a taxi may not be able to handle your request.
You can book a taxi by calling one of the following numbers: 0030 694 530 6145, 0030 699 561 9605, or 0030 694 511 8866.

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Organized Tours

Experienced local guides are the most suitable people to show you around the island and introduce you to its beauty and history. Choose the tour that you find most interesting and create unique memories in Kefalonia!

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Frequently Asked Questions

We have gathered the most common questions regarding transportation in Kefalonia and answered them for you.
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• How can I get to my hotel from the airport?

KTEL buses run daily between the airport and Argostoli, the capital of the island. The bus terminates at the central bus station, from where you can board another bus depending on where your accommodation is located.
Another way to leave the airport is to take one of the taxis waiting outside the airport, but if you are traveling in high season you may not be able to catch a direct one and have to wait; for this reason, it is best to have booked a taxi before your arrival.
The most convenient way to get to your hotel is to rent a car. Having arranged your car rental, you can ask the agent to pick up the vehicle from the airport. This way, you will avoid any waiting time and not miss a minute of your holiday.
Finally, many accommodations offer their clients a shuttle service from the airport (with or without extra cost). If you are interested in it, contact your accommodation a few days before your arrival on the island.

• How can I get to my hotel from the port?

Kefalonia has two main ports - one in Poros and one in Sami. Both areas are connected to Argostoli by public buses (KTEL) on a daily basis, with the routes being more frequent during the high season. Argostoli is connected by bus to most areas of the island, so depending on where your accommodation is located, you can board the corresponding bus.
Taxis are usually located outside the port, but they are fewer in these areas and you may not be able to get into one right away. To be safe, you can book a taxi in advance.
Having booked a rental car and having it delivered to you at the port is the easiest and most comfortable way to get to your hotel.
Finally, you can contact your accommodation to find out if they offer a transfer service from the port.

• How can I get to the beaches?

A rental car allows you to explore the plethora of captivating beaches Kefalonia boasts; cosmopolitan or secluded, organized or pristine, sandy or pebbly.
Buses have frequent itineraries to Myrtos and other noted beaches like Xi and Skala.
An alternative option is a taxi, but due to the numerous visitors the island hosts during summer, it is recommended to contact a taxi driver in advance to book your transfer.

• Can I rely on public means of transport?

The public buses in Kefalonia have frequent routes between the tourist spots and reach numerous options. However, for visitors who want to explore the island at their own pace and/or visit more isolated places, the car is the only way to do so. Book your car with us!

• Are the distances between the main town and the touristy spots long?

Kefalonia has a large area so the distances between its regions can be quite long. For example, the elegant Fiscardo is 21 km from the beach of Myrtos, 50 km from Argostoli and 64 km from the port of Poros.



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