Kefalonia Roman Cemetery

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Location: Fiscardo

Fiskardo is a beautiful village in Kefalonia that managed to avoid disasters during the earthquakes in 1953 and has preserved its picturesque traditional Ionian architecture. It is also widely known as a favorite destination of celebrities and sailors. However, many travelers do not know about the regional historical sites, one of which is the Roman cemetery.

History and Archaeological Discoveries

The ancient graveyard was accidentally discovered in 1993 during works for public utilities. After that, its investigation began. The project was under the direction of archaeologist Andreas Sotiriou and lasted four years (1993-1997), with long breaks.

The cemetery dates back to the early Christian centuries (2nd - 4th century AD). It boasts 47 tombs with different architectural forms. The sarcophagi (monolithic burial monuments) are probably the most impressive ones. Archaeologists have also discovered burials inside large vases, probably of babies or small children.

The buried were accompanied by objects they used during their lives; that’s why various items have been found inside the tombs. These include jewelry, glass vases, pottery, oil lamps, coins and strigils.

According to the evidence, more parts of the cemetery lie under the nearby road and properties.

After 2003, archaeologists discovered additional monuments from the same era in the vicinity of the cemetery. Excavations have unearthed remnants of a house, a bath complex, as well as the remains of an ancient theater.

How to get there

The cemetery is located approximately 600m away from Fiskardo beach. You can reach the place on foot by walking along the coastline; it will take around 8-10 minutes to get there.

It is open every day, and the entrance is free for everyone.

Except for the cemetery, Fiskardo also possesses two impressive lighthouses, along with the ruins of the most famous basilica of the pre-Christian era in the Ionian islands. Make sure you pay a visit to the other side of the settlement to admire them before leaving the village!



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