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General information

Dafnoudi beach in Kefalonia: Every single person that has been to Kefalonia can attest that it is one of the most beautiful destinations when it comes to beaches. Cosmopolitan or pristine, each beach has its way to make you want to revisit it. Undoubtedly, one of the most idyllic ones is Dafnoudi. It lies in the northernmost area of the island, a few kilometers away from the infamous Fiskardo village.

Dafnoudi beach is like heaven on Earth. Dense vegetation, mainly consisting of cypresses, hugs the small cove with the azure and emerald waters. The greenery touches the calm sea while large white pebbles overlay the beach. There is also a small cave at the water’s edge for anyone looking for even more seclusion.

Both humans and animals love this beach. The majestic Monachus Monachus seals sometimes use the cave to rest or give birth to their babies, so don’t be surprised if you come across this charming creature while swimming!

If you plan on visiting Kefalonia, we suggest renting a car to discover Dafnoudi and several other places at your own pace.  

A few tips

• The trees provide shade, but it may not be enough for everyone if you visit the beach during the high season. We recommend bringing an umbrella with you to enjoy the beach to the fullest, without worrying about the sunlight (and sunburn).
• No kiosk or shop lies around. Make sure to bring water (or any other beverage) and something to eat.
• Due to its secluded location, the beach is popular with naturists, so you may encounter nudity. If you feel uncomfortable with that, don’t hesitate to ask them to cover up; nudism is illegal on Greek beaches.

Besides Dafnoudi, a lot of fairy-tale beaches lie around Fiscardo. Foki, Emplisi, and Kimilia are some of the most popular among tourists, but the area also boasts many hidden beaches that are only approachable via the sea. If plunging into aquamarine waters or sunbathing in private is something you’re interested in, boat rentals are available in Fiscardo!

Dafnoudi Map

Explore our interactive map of Dafnoudi.


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