Kefalonia Kourkoumelata

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The picturesque village of Kourkoumelata, part of the larger Municipality of Livathos, is one of the most unique places on the island of Kefalonia! Better known for its stunning sea views and inner-village building structures, it is located 12 kilometers southeast of Argostoli, the island’s capital.

After the major earthquake in 1953, the village was utterly destroyed. However, a regional ship owner whose family origins had strong roots in Kourkoumelata played a big part in rebuilding the village and recreating its essence of originality! With a strong emphasis on town structure, the result was a majestic village full of colorful buildings (built based on the architectural designs of the times). Other main places of attraction are the George and Marie Vergottis Foundation, the stadium of Kourkoumelata, and the Philarmonic and Marching Band Cultural Center!

Furthermore, other than the impressive color-filled buildings, Kourkoumelata also boasts mesmerizing palm-tree gardens, pretty church buildings, and various sports facilities! Plus, a handful of picturesque and cleverly-designed cafeterias can be found in the village, whereas various entertaining events are regularly hosted in Kourkoumelata, so make sure you pay a visit at the right time!

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