Kefalonia Vergottis Foundation

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Location: Kourkoumelata

The Vergottis Cultural Center is located in the picturesque Kourkoumelata, giving the village a cosmopolitan and cultural character. It was created by the George and Marie Vergottis Foundation, which was established by local benefactor George Vergottis and his wife. After George’s death, Marie founded the Cultural Center, as it was her husband’s wish for his hometown.

The Foundation has a goal of studying and promoting the heritage of Kefalonia and the Ionian islands in general. It deals with topics that have to do with history, culture, the environment, art, archaeology, folklore, medicine, shipping, geology and seismology. Additionally, it offers support to gifted students from the island, as well as charitable foundations.

The Cultural Center is a charming building with a capacity of 280 guests that hosts the majority of the events the Foundation organizes. A wide variety of happenings take place there, including music recitals, art performances, book presentations, conferences and panel discussions. They highlight the importance of Kourkoumelata as an important pillar of culture in Kefalonia. Events that appeal to a younger audience are planned to also be hosted on the premises.

Across the street, one will find the Syssiteio, which is the Foundation’s administrative center and headquarters. Its name means breadline and was inspired by its former use - a place that offered food to victims of the catastrophic earthquake of 1953. Some smaller events and art exhibitions take place in this building.



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