Kefalonia Focas Cosmetatos Foundation

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Location: Argostoli
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Kefalonia's The Focas Cosmetatos Foundation was established in 1984 in Argostoli as a bequest of the three Focas Cosmetatos brothers. Its primary goal was to be a museum and art gallery in the family’s house, as well as publish research about Kefalonia, conduct educational programs for children, and open a library.

The impressive Focas Cosmetatos family home was destroyed during the catastrophic earthquake of 1953, along with countless other buildings on the island, while a fire afterward made it unrecognizable. It was rebuilt based on the original design but on a smaller scale, and it is considered preservable nowadays. In the basement, one will find the archive, on the ground floor lies the museum, and the secretariat operates on the first floor.

The museum displays interesting artifacts from Kefalonia and the Ionian Islands. The exhibition includes furniture of the family dating back to the 20th century, portraits, lithographs and two historic flags. Additionally, there is a collection of all the coins and paper money that was used in the Ionian Islands from ancient times until Greece’s modern history.
Furthermore, in its yard, visitors can see various permanent and temporary exhibitions, such as one about the 1953 earthquake showcasing pictures of Kefalonian buildings before and after the tragedy.

Moreover, an educational botanical garden was established in 1998 with an initiative of the Focas Cosmetatos Foundation. It features an array of flowers, trees and other plants, some of which are considered endangered. It is also a great spot for strolling, as the lush landscape with the lake and stream is delightful and serene.



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