Introduction & General Information

The capital of Syros island, Ermoupolis, was the principal port of Greece and it is today the largest town of the Cyclades and the capital of the archipelago. At first sight, Syros looks very urban but once you have visited the town of Ermoupolis and discovered its incredible beauty, you will fall under its charm.

Syros economy doesn't depend entirely on tourism but on industries like textile, dairy farms and the horticultural industry from which plants and flowers are exported to the rest of the Cyclades.

Syros used to have the most powerful shipbuilding industry in the whole of Greece but it declined with the rise of the Athenian harbor of Piraeus. The very recent history of the island, when it comes to the opening to tourism, makes it a very traditional island, remaining unspoiled by holiday trappings, huge hotel units and touristy shops everywhere. Many beautiful beaches are also found around the island.

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