Syros Local products

The most well-known local products of Syros are its sweets.
Syros is famous for its excellent loukoumia, which are small gummy sweet bites of various flavors coated in icing sugar. The most famous flavors are rose, mastic, and bergamot. The recipe of loukoumia was brought by some emigrants from Asia Minor and Chios who came to Syros after the Revolution of 1821. Halvadopita, a cake filled with almonds and nougat, is another very tasteful sweet of Syros. 

The local dairy products of Syros are equally delicious. Various known local cheeses such as San Michali and kopanisti, a soft, spicy cheese, worthy of a try accompanied with a glass of ouzo.
Fresh fish is of excellent quality, too, as it is brought every morning to the local restaurants and taverns by fishermen.

Local sausages are unbelievably good, accompanied by a glass of red wine. Even if Syros is not specialized in wine production, some homemade wines can be found in local small vineyards and can be really good.
The local liquor is a mixture of cherry and brandy, first exposed in the sun and then complete with spices and fruits, a real delight.

Finally, the locally-produced honey has a wonderful aroma and taste.