Syros Festivals & Cultural Events

Like every Greek island, Syros organizes plenty of religious feasts. Yet, Syros is a unique place to be in terms of religious celebrations, as it is the island where inhabitants are both Catholic and Orthodox Christians. These two traditions have an enormous influence and they are celebrated in a unique way including eating, drinking, and dancing.
At the same time, as the island is famous for its close relationship with the arts and culture in general, many festivals are held on the island, especially during the summer months.
Religious feasts take place all over the island, while the cultural events are mainly presented in the capital of the island, Ermoupolis.

Religious feasts & festivals

Easter in Syros is honorarily celebrated and attracts many visitors. As Syros has a large community of Catholics, Easter time is celebrated in the same period for the Orthodox and the Catholic churches on the island.

August 15th
The largest religious festivals in Greece take place on the 15th of August, as it is the day of the Dormition of the Virgin Mary. Many festivities take place in Syros as a lot of churches are dedicated to the Virgin Mary.

June 29th
On the feast day of Saint Peter, a panigiri (traditional festival) takes place on June 29th in Kini.

August 29th
The festival in memory of Saint John is held on August 29th in Poseidonia.

July 27th
The festival of Agios Panteleimonas takes place on the 27th of July in Finikas.

Cultural events

International Film Festival
Founded in 2013, the Syros International Film Festival showcases a wide spectrum of cinema in traditional and re-purposed island sites. Taking place in the middle of summer and staying aloof from the usual demands and hierarchies of the film industry, SIFF embeds events, styles, and programs - experimental and narrative, recent and retrospective, Greek and international, workshops, and expanded cinema performance - into its unique setting.

Guitar Festival
The Guitar Festival is organized in Ermoupolis every July. For many years now, Syros has been home to one of the greatest festivals in the Cyclades which lasts for 5 days and includes concerts, guitar courses of various levels, and music contests. This festival is a meeting spot for new musicians.

Rebetiko Festival
The Rebetiko Festival called "Syra of Markos Vamvakaris" is an annual institution established in 2015. During it, musicians play rebetiko songs in Ermoupolis, while at the same time, other types of events may be presented in the framework of the festival, such as exhibitions of folk instruments and music workshops. The festival lasts a few days and usually takes place in late July.

Jazz Festival
Jazz concerts gathered a lot of people when they were held at the Apollo Theater, which led to the establishment of the festival. Every year since 2007, artists and people from all over the world meet in Syros and enjoy several events, with individuals coming in contact with different styles of jazz music.

Festival of the Aegean
The program of the annual International Festival of the Aegean features numerous events, including opera, lyrical singing, and chamber music. Some of the best choirs, dance groups, classical ensembles, and maestros take part in this festival.