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The beautiful town of Ermoupolis in Syros is not only the capital of the island but the entire Cyclades as well. It is a commercially and culturally developed sea settlement of unique architectural beauty, a great reminder of the brilliant past of the city.

This town was founded by the refugees and Greek revolutionaries who came to the French-protected Syros from various parts of Greece, such as Chios, Psara, Kassos, Crete and Asia Minor, to escape the massacres conducted by the Turks during and after the Greek War of Independence (1821). Those people put their powers, faith and capacities together and created the magnificent Ermoupolis, which became prosperous very quickly and turned into the most important commercial shipping nation as well as the cultural center of the New Greek Nation of the 19th century.

Ermoupolis owes its name to Hermes, the god of trade. In fact, Ermoupolis translates into "the town of Hermes". The great economic prosperity of the city was followed by social and cultural development and the appearance of a Greek bourgeoisie. The glorious past of the capital is still apparent in its wonderful neoclassical architecture: old mansions, marble paved streets, grandiose marble squares, imposing churches, monuments, statues, and well-preserved superb neoclassical buildings adorn the amphitheatrically built city. This architecture justifies the various names the town often used to be called, like Little Milan and the Duchess of the Aegean
Vaporia Quarter is the quaintest neighborhood of Ermoupolis and the perfect place for a stroll to marvel at the impressive architecture.

In front of all this amazing beauty and noble architecture, Eleftherios Venizelos said once that "Greece was reborn in Ermoupolis", and everyone who has the chance to visit this marvel will agree with this statement. To build this marvelous town, many European architects came from various countries like Germany, Italy, and Greece, and joined their talents in a glorification of artistic and architectural beauty.

The magnificent Miaouli Square is one of the most beautiful squares in Greece. It is known for its tall palm tree that shadows small coffee shops and restaurants, creating an attractive scene and relaxing atmosphere. The square is surrounded by the superb building of the Town Hall which was designed by the famous architect Ernst Ziller. It is among the top impressive neoclassical buildings in Greece and the most grandiose of all the mansions in Syros.

Apart from the municipality, this architectural marvel also houses the Archaeological Museum. Also surrounding the square is the Cultural Centre of Hermoupolis, a beautiful building with high-painted ceilings and chandeliers, where various cultural activities take place throughout the year, such as concerts and interesting art exhibitions.

In Miaouli Square is also a round marble stand with beautiful relief panels with representations of Apollo and the Nine Muses. On this bandstand, the town's philharmonic band often gives concerts. The Apollo Theatre, which stands on Vardaki Square and was designed by the French architect Pietro Sampo, is also worth seeing. It is a miniature of the famous La Scala of Milan and used to house many famous artists and present Italian operas. Several events still take place their, especially during the summer season. 

Hotels in Ermoupolis

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Castro Hotel Syros is a five-star hotel featuring rooms and suites, large double beds, three restaurants, a wellness center with a hot tub, a gym, and views over Ermoupolis. It is one of the few luxurious options for your stay in Syros.

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Apollonion Palace

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Boasting a seafront location in the cosmopolitan town of Ermoupoli, Apollonion Palace combines an elegant design with stunning sea views and a friendly atmosphere. The hotel has a charming interior design and its terrace offers direct access to the sea. Luxury amenities are also provided.


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2 Reviews
  • ben67 02 Apr 2009
    The lady of the Cyclades
    Ermoupolis is certainly the best and true village on Syros. In a brochure, I read that it is called "the Lady of the Cyclades". Well, you could say that, I guess, because it has so many noble corners that looks truly elegant and fragile. You will see many impressive buildings (some will remind you of Venice), spacious squares, lovely cafeterias on the highest spots with view to the port and lovely gift shops in every narrow street. How nice! I took some very good photos of Ermoupolis and when I show them to my friends they get impressed!
  • elisaty 24 Aug 2008
    Buy loukoumia before you leave
    Ermoupolis is the most beautiful town on Syros. I loved the big, impressive buildings inspired by the Greek antiquity, with those tall columns and many floors. Time flew when I was shopping at the gift shops behing Miaouli square: great things to buy and good prices! Try Archontariki restaurant for nice baklava and when you leave the island buy loukoumia to offer to friends. Hermoupolis is also a nice base to go excursions. Definitely on Azolimnos and Galissas. Also go to Ano Syros, a vilage that looks like Ermoupolis a bit, only much smaller.