Syros Architecture

Syros island is famous for its stunning architecture, apparent throughout the capital of the island. Its elements derive from the Cycladic layout, the medieval era, and the neoclassical architecture. The impressive town consists of two settlements and counts several remarkable Venetian buildings, marble squares, neoclassical buildings, and imposing churches that draw everyone's attention.

A large number of architectural marvels are located within Ermoupolis. Exquisite specimens of neoclassical architecture, old mansions, and whitewashed houses are constructed ascending the hill. In close distance lie marvelous churches, known as the jewels of Syros architecture
The most picturesque area in the capital is the Vaporia Quarter, which charms visitors with its architectural brilliance. The mansions built by the sea belonged to the wealthy families of Syros.
However, the most notable examples of Neoclassical architecture are the Town Hall and the Apollo Theatre, both located in Miaouli Square, the central square of Ermoupolis.

Ano Syros, the second most renowned settlement of Syros, has adopted many Venetian characteristics and retains its medieval character. Countless marble stairs between the narrow alleys lined by lovely houses with colored doors and windows that lead to the top of the town will fascinate you. The Catholic church of Agios Georgios, which sits atop the settlement, is one of the most impressive places to visit.
Houses offer a panoramic view of the sea and are characterized by their rich diversity. Built by the Venetians, Ano Syros perfectly blends Cycladic and medieval features with wooden balconies, small courtyards, colorful doors, narrow and winding paths, and numerous steps. Due to its defensive character, cars are not allowed in the area and visitors can discover the surrounding areas on foot.
Beautiful churches are known for their size and exterior decoration dominate the town, most of which were built during the Venetian rule and can all be spotted within the town.

Visitors can enjoy their stay in many traditional hotels that have respected the traditional Cycladic architecture.