Museums in Syros

Syros has many interesting museums, most of which are found in the capital town of the island, Ermoupolis. The Archaeological Museum of Syros has been housed since 1835 in the beautiful neoclassical building of the Town Hall, designed the Bavarian architect Ernst Ziller.

The museum displays various collections of findings from excavations made in Syros, such as prehistoric finds brought to light in the fortified settlement of Kastri and the village of Chalandriani, consisting in potteries, marble-carving, metal artwork, utensils, weapons, and others. There are also some finds from the ancient city of Syros and from other Cycladic islands such as Amorgos, Kythnos, Aegina, and more. Sculptures, grave columns, and inscriptions from the Hellenistic period are also on display.

Housed in the neoclassical building called Ladopoulos Edifice and located in the main square of Ermoupolis (Miaouli Square), the Historical Archives of Syros contain rich historical material and documents which are really helpful to understand the city and the island's history and society. Various interesting seminars and debates take place all year long.

In Ano Syros, there is a small museum dedicated to Markos Vamvakaris, a famous rembetiko musician in Greece, who was born in Ano Syros. It hosts some personal items and photos of the musician. This museum has been housed in a traditional Syrian building since 1993 and exhibits mementos, pictures, records and personal effects of the famous popular composer.

The Industrial Museum of Syros consists of three buildings housed in the Technical Cultural Centre which stands in the middle of the industrial zone of Ermoupolis. These buildings belong to the Municipality and are the Katsimantis paint works, the Aneroussis lead factory and the Kornilakis tannery. They are a great testimony of the industrial supremacy of Syros during the 19th century and retrace the industrial history of the island.