Syros Azolimnos beach

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General information

Azolimnos Beach Syros: The village of Azolimnos lies 4 km to the south of Ermoupolis. A beautiful small beach by the village has been attracting lots of local and foreign tourists who come for a swim and a sunbath.

Several diving centers offer underwater trips in the calm crystal clear waters while the beach is covered with numerous tourist facilities. The taverns and restaurants by the beach are popular for the fresh seafood served with spaghetti and wine.

You can relish the delicious cocktail shrimps and stuffed cuttle fish in traditional Greek style, while enjoying the view of the blue sea and the nearby citadels. You can also stroll around the small yet attractive church of Analipsi (Resurrenction). The nearby village of Mana with its beautiful farms and green houses is perfect for relaxing.

There are hotels and studios near the beach which offer a luxurious stay at an affordable budget, but the numbers are limited and the rooms need to be booked earlier during the season. The village is connected by bus with Ermoupolis.



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