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The village of Pyrgos in Santorini comprises the highest-located settlement of the island. It lies on the slopes of Mount Prophet Elias and offers a 360-degree view of the mainland, the volcano, and the sea. 
Many consider Pyrgos the hidden gem of Santorini since it has managed to distance itself from the radical tourism development and the hoards of travelers.

Architecturally wise, the settlement preserves its traditional layout, showcasing the Cycladic design and layout.
Kasteli (or the Castle of Pyrgos) is the best preserved out of the five Venetian castles on the island. It comprised a fortress village strategically built to protect residents from pirate attacks during old times.
Walls encircled the area while the houses within the citadel were constructed in order to form a labyrinth. When pirate invasions no longer threatened the settlement, it started expanding beyond the walls of Kasteli, and Kseporto (translating into "outside the door") was formed. 

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Kamini Luxury Villas emerged after the reconstruction of two old kilns in Pyrgos. They are located on a high spot and offer panoramic views of the sea, the caldera and the nearby islands. The Villas have an outdoor pool and jacuzzi, a fully furnished outdoor seating area and a sophisticated interior ...


Zannos Melathron


Zannos Melathron Hotel is a historic unit located in Pyrgos. It offers the opportunity for luxury in an 18th-century building with a uniquely beautiful design. You will find a built-in pool, a spa, an open-air restaurant for fine dining, and a Renaissance-inspired lounge among other wonderful ...



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Orizontes Hotel & Villas, built on a cliff overlooking the magical caldera between the popular Fira and the traditional Pyrgos, offers standard and luxurious types. Its rooms are spacious and fully equipped with all modern amenities. Facilities include a swimming pool, Jacuzzi, pool bar, and ...


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More info about Pyrgos

The area of Pyrgos also boasts several beautiful religious buildings. The churches of Agia Theodosia, Holy Trinity, and Koimisis tis Theotokou all lie within the village. However, the Monastery of Prophet Elias is probably the most noteworthy structure of the region. It sits close to the village and is home to an Icons and Relics Collection. The collection includes ecclesiastic objects, pieces of artwork, and books.
Furthermore, Pyrgos is surrounded by vineyards and hosts some of the best wineries in Santorini. Guests have the opportunity to learn about the history and production of the island's volcanic wines as well as taste densely flavored local wines.

In terms of tourist infrastructure, the village provides several accommodation options for travelers to choose from. The most common lodging types available in the area include lovely villas, hotels, and suites. Since the settlement is situated relatively close to the lively Fira and Oia villages, it is the perfect choice for individuals who seek tranquility but not isolation. Moreover, the village proposes beautiful restaurants and cafes, as well as tourist shops.

Lastly, since it is situated on a hill, Pyrgos doesn't have its own beach. However, the infamous Kamari and Perivolos organized beaches are just a 15-minute drive away. 


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