With the island's long history in wine making and the variety of wines produced, a visit to one of the wineries of Santorini is among the top things to do while there.

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In brief, are you looking for a wineries with amazing volcano and sunset views? Discover Santo Wines and Venetsanos winery.


What are the best Wineries? We have made a selection with the best 10 Wineries and marked our favorite ones with a ❤.
You can visit the wineries on your own or you can participate in a wine tasting tour. During the tours, you will have the opportunity to find out about the production methods of some of the world's finest wine varieties and in most cases, you will also get to taste different wine types for an unforgettable experience!

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Discover the best wineries on our illusrated map:

Map with best wineries in Santorini




There are so many wine varieties to choose from and it’s worth having a sip of as many as you can!
The geological uniqueness and the climate of Santorini result in grapes that produce some of the finest wine in the Mediterranean that is currently famous all over the world.

The traditional methods of wine making are still preserved in all of the island's wineries, from grape picking to the aging of wine, in order to reach the best outcome possible.
During your tour of choice, you will learn what it takes to produce each wine variety and what makes each one of them special in terms of processing.

Wine production contributes a great deal to the country’s economy and some of the local wine types that are commonly exported are Vinsanto, Nychteri, and Mezzo:

  • • Vinsanto is a type of sweet wine with a distinctive amber color, made primarily of the Assyrtiko grape variety, usually blended with a smaller percentage of Athiri or Aidani grape varieties.
  • • Nychteri is also made of these varieties, although this is an aged type of wine with a dry taste. The grapes used to produce Nychteri are exclusively harvested at nighttime.
  • • Mezzo variety can either be red or white and it has a subtly sweet taste, although less so than Vinsanto.

Other grape varieties which flourish on the island include Mavrotragano and Mandilaria that are used to produce red Brusco wine.

The sweet and dry wine varieties of Santorini are not only found in the mass-market but also in some of the world's most carefully-created wine selections, from your average local tavern to some of the most renowned gourmet restaurants.
You will surely find at least one bottle of Santorini wine in the cellar of any wine collector with a sophisticated palate.
This is the perfect opportunity to add some of it to your home bar as well!




The history of wine production in Santorini began during the ancient times, over 3000 years ago!
Some of the island's grape vine varieties are believed to be among the world's oldest ones.
Despite its old history of wine production, the exportation of wine all around the world did not start until the Middle Ages, under the Venetian rule.
Since then, demand has only been increasing and the island's wineries have been working nonstop.

Since grape vines are one of the very few types of plants that can survive on the volcanic soil, their cultivation makes up the biggest part of the local agriculture.
Many Santorian families have been making a living out of wine production for generations and continue to do so.
You will find wineries that date to the early 20th century and some that are even older than this.




Sunset winery tour

If you are interested in something other than a traditional winery visit, many tours will allow you to combine winery visits and wine tasting with other aspects of Santorini in one day, including sightseeing or cruises.
Some of these tours offer the opportunity to end the day with a glass of wine while watching the sunset on a boat or at a spot with a nice view of the sea on the inland.
View the tours

Wineries with views

The excellent location of some wineries at the edge of the caldera makes them ideal viewpoints.
Many winery visits come with the opportunity to watch the volcano and the sunset while doing some wine tasting, or to have an amazing view of the famous vineyards of Santorini where all the magic happens.
Santo Wines and Venetsanos are among your options when looking for a winery with an amazing view.

Wineries for wedding venues

With its romantic atmosphere, Santorini is the most popular option when it comes to getting married in Greece.
Most of the island's wineries offer wedding planning services and can host the wedding of your dreams! Just contact them.
These wedding packages combine beautifully designed venues, great views and an abundance of some of the world's most delicious wines.