Santorini Canava Roussos Winery in Mesa Gonia

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Location: Mesa Gonia

Roussos is a family-owned winery that has been producing the most famous wines of the island since 1836 in its renowned winery at Episkopi Santorini (Mesa Gonia). The island's unique ecosystem and the volcanic soil are ideal for growing Thiran, a particular grape variety that is used to create Roussos wines.

Developed as a family tradition and then as an art that has traveled through generations, the wine making tradition of Roussos reflects the island’s unique culture: the love for good food and wine. Roussos Winery is one of the oldest cellars in Santorini and an artful blend of a century-old tradition as well as modern techniques has helped the Canava Roussos to create wines with highly distinct tastes and bouquets.

There are 7 famous wines from the house of Roussos: Caldera Roussos, Santorini Roussos, Athiri Roussos, Nykteri Roussos, Mavranthiro Roussos, Nama Roussos, and Rivari Roussos. Among the Roussos collection, the most renowned wines are the traditional Nykteri (an aged dry white) and Vinsanto, a sweet wine produced from sun-dried grapes. At harvest time, many visitors arrive at Roussos winery for a wine-tasting tour and to see the traditional wine-making methods that are carried out in subterranean cisterns or huge barrels.

There is also a taverna at the winery, where visitors can enjoy a traditional Greek meal. The outdoor dining of the winery has wonderful views of the sea and the winery organizes "Santorini Evenings" to sample their wines and to enjoy local specialties such as mezedes, Greek cheese, fava, tomato balls, fresh salads of caper and tiny tomatoes and many others. Besides upholding the winemaking tradition of Santorini, Roussos also plays host to several theatre performances, concerts, and exhibitions that showcase the rich cultural heritage of the Greek islands.





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