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On a quick note: The restaurants that you should definitely not miss are Metaxy Mas, Selene, Mylos, Oia 1800, Roka, To psaraki, Feggera, and Kapari taverna.

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We have hand-picked the best 64 restaurants in Santorini and marked our favorite ones with a ❤.

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The culinary experience in Santorini owes its reputation to two factors: the setting and the delicious cooking.
There are three broad location-wise categories in which we can separate the restaurants; in those with undistracted Volcano and Caldera views, in those located by the seashore and finally in those located in less touristy villages and areas.
All these come with a few unique traits.

Greece enjoys a Mediterranean climate which allows the country to yield and grow great produce; from vegetables and fruit, to dairy products, poultry, meat and fresh fish, it is no wonder why the Greek cuisine is adored by Greeks and foreigners alike.
With Santorini being the flagship of tourism in the country, the island has regular and easy access to the finest and tastiest of them at its restaurants.
When combined with the recipes and expertise of top chefs and the especially delectable wine from the volcanic soil of Santorini, the result is exquisite.

Caldera with volcano views

Establishments with majestic caldera and sunset views at the villages of Imerovigli, Oia and Fira abide by the Cycladic architecture in their design, with minimal but elegant decor found even in the smallest detail.
After all, what better decor than one of the most world-renowned sunsets while dining with your loved ones?
Of course, it is important to note that the combination of excellent location and view along with top culinary expertise do not come cheap, so travellers should plan their budgets accordingly.

Beach Resorts & Harbors

When it comes to restaurants and taverns by the seafront, two things are certain; the freshest fish Aegean can provide are being served, along with a hearty ambience.
You can enjoy your lunch or dinner with a more traditional decor and music, with options for affordable as well as moderate pricing. It is always a good idea to book a table for dinner, as they might get a bit crowded but such an arrangement is not that necessary regarding lunchtime.
Such establishments can be easily located at the beaches of Kamari, Perissa and Perivolos.

If you are more up to eating fresh fish under the wild, massive slopes of the Caldera while watching a beautiful sunset, then you should book a table at one of the taverns in the quaint harbor of Ammoudi.
They have become really popular lately since they provide fresh seafood and a local atmosphere.

Eat like a local

Furthermore, some of the top traditional taverns and restaurants are not even located near the scenic caldera views; in fact, they can be considered as hidden gems, found at less touristy villages and sometimes unseen, as they may not be on the main village pathway.
No need to worry though, as you can easily get directions from the locals and hotel receptions in order to visit them.
They tend to keep a traditional and welcoming ambience, while locals frequent them as well.
The decor can vary between the minimal cycladic style of the seafront and the more mountainous-inspired side of the island.
The prices are affordable and moderate, as they do not need to compete with the more upscale restaurants at the Caldera.
You can enjoy your lunch as well as dinner there and we recommend trying the ‘mezes’ option if you’d rather have a drink with various local appetizers on a platter.
Many of those taverns host live music in the evenings, a very pleasant event to attend at least once while on your stay in Santorini.



• Where to have a fine dining dinner?

Selene, Mylos, Oia 1800

• Where to eat fresh fish and seafood?

To psaraki, Melina’s tavern, Yorgaros fish

• Where to enjoy a romantic dinner?

La Maison, Roka, Kapari restaurant

• Where to eat like a local?

To psaraki, Anogi, Santorini mou

• Where to dine with the best caldera view?

Onar, Roka, Idol, Lauda, Mezzo, Athenian house

• Where to eat modern Greek cuisine?

Aktaion, Metaxy Mas, Feggera, Kapari taverna

• Where to eat international cuisine?

Ginger sushi lounge



Santorini is blessed with the best sunset views in the Aegean Sea and holds an incontestable place, high in the tourist visiting lists. This is one of the reasons that the local cuisine has expanded in the last decades, engulfing more refined and upscale dining options. Travellers are not left unsatisfied, as there are many Mediterranean restaurants that combine the Greek flavors with some European notes for a broader palate menu.

Meal times

Lunch time: 12:00 -17:00 / Dinner time: 18:00 - 24:00.
Note that in Greece, in general and especially during the summer season where days are longer, people eat later compared to the European habits and meal times are very flexible.
Lunch is usually served around 14:00 and dinner at around 21:00. Even if you arrive as late as 23:00, most establishments still operate and will serve you normally.
In Santorini specifically, many visitors prefer combining their dinner with the famous sunset views, at approximately 19:30 - 20:50.
If you want to experience it, we strongly recommend that you book your table far in advance just to be on the safe side, as restaurants get full easily in the evening.


Depending on the location first and the popularity of the restaurant second, it is wise to book your table at least a few days in advance to have a comfortable and without delays mealtime.
The top-rated restaurants in Santorini require a reservation at least 5 days in advance for a dinner, whereas for lunch it is much easier to find a table, as they are not as popular.
In any case, if you have already spotted some restaurants or taverns that you would like to visit, we highly recommend that you proceed with a reservation. If you plan to have dinner at a restaurant with a caldera view during sunset time, then you will definitely need to make a reservation even a few weeks in advance.
Make an online reservation and look forward to your special and delicious rendezvous in Santorini!


Tipping in Greece is not strictly regulated by percentage.
An average tip can begin from 3 - 6 € for small orders, but it is polite for large orders to go with the 10% courtesy.
Not leaving a tip at all is considered impolite and taken as a dissatisfaction with the establishment’s service and meals.


Restaurants serve bottled still water by default. If you prefer sparkling water you can always ask for it.


Every restaurant on the island, even small local taverns, provide their menu in English.
Some might have a menu translated in other languages as well (French, German, Italian, Chinese, or Russian).
Also, all the personnel in restaurants speak English and communication is not considered a problem.

Meze meal

As you notice on the menus, both traditional and modern restaurants present their dishes by category: salads, appetizers, main dishes, fish, meat etc.
If you plan on having a group meal of more than 2 people, you can request a mixture of different main dishes and appetizers for the middle of the table and share them, instead of ordering one main dish per person.
This is called mezes and it is very common in Greece; you will see many Greeks preferring a group meze along with their drinks.
With Greek cuisine having such a rich variety of delicious appetizers, it is only logical that you would want to taste as much as possible.