Day Tours in Santorini: Volcano Cruises, Wineries & Activities

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A great way of exploring Santorini is by participating in some of its numerous, well-organized tours & day cruises. Another, more adrenaline-oriented approach is through the sports and recreation activities available. Santorini makes no exceptions; with more than 50 top-tier excursions, every traveller has the opportunity of enjoying a holiday on the island to the max. As the tourist season on the island is extended, Santorini tours usually take place from April to October.

We compiled a list of our most popular tours, activities and excursions in Santorini.
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As the most awe-inspiring landmark of the Santorinian identity, the active volcano that shaped, obliterated and reshaped the island should definitely be visited by every traveller. We invite you to board on a boat taking you to the volcanic islet from where you can walk all the way to the rim of the crate, in a rare, breathtaking view of untamed nature. An experienced guide is always beside you for safety and information. The Volcano and Hot Springs Boat Tour also allows you to dive into the hot waters around Palea Kameni islet and reap the benefits of geothermal springs.

Moreover, the Volcano, Hot Springs and Thirassia Boat Tour makes an additional stop at the serene island of Thirassia. A sister island to Santorini but of exact opposite nature and character; raw, untouched and not tourist developed, with barely more than 300 inhabitants. It creates an astonishing contrast with the rest of your buzzing Santorinian adventures.

For a more traditional Greek approach, the Sunset Fishing Trip with Dinner and Drinks invites you on a traditional fishing boat for a relaxing evening. Hone your angler skills, immerse in the crimson colors of the Aegean sunset and savor the fresh catch of the day, cooked on deck.


Whether you decide to spend a few days or more than a week in Santorini, we suggest booking a tour devoted to the island’s emblematic landmarks, natural beauty and folklore heritage. Tours like these allow travellers to efficiently explore the main characteristics and be able to pick their favorite ones to revisit afterwards. Sum up most of Santorini in one go, easily and with comfort. The Best of Santorini Experience excursion ensures you get acquainted with the top landmarks from the comfort of a private minibus; from the stunning Caldera and the famous Blue Dome Church in Firostefani, to the excellent archaeological site of Akrotiri and more.

Furthermore, All of Santorini in a Day bus tour offers a similar experience, laying out the island highlights in approximately half a day. It also welcomes solo travellers and adds more charming locations like Perissa beach or the well-maintained Wine Museum of Koutsogiannopoulos. Both tours allow for multiple photo shooting stops.

Lastly, for the romantic souls and those with a very busy itinerary, the "Sunset in Oia Village Tour" emphasizes on the majestic Santorinian attribute of its unparalleled sunset. Transported to and from the Cycladic settlement, you will have plenty of time to fully appreciate the golden and crimson shades of the horizon as the sun sets.


If you feel like history is not your cup of tea, get prepared for a change of heart! What makes history feel stale are usually textbooks; thankfully, those are excluded from the historic tours while active on-sight learning takes their place. In Santorini, the Akrotiri Guided Tour is the ideal way of discovering the elegance and former glory of the most significant ancient Greek/Minoan settlement in the Aegean region. A professional guide will accompany you throughout the site, where the mythologic city of Atlantis is said to have existed.

Additionally, if legend-hunting sounds fascinating, then the Lost Atlantis 9D Experience is just what you need. It is the first museum worldwidely dedicated to the myth of Lost Atlantis and it offers a refreshing infotainment experience. Using innovative technologies, the 9D experience will captivate young ones and grown-ups alike. Knowledgeable museum staff will answer all your Atlantean inquiries.


One of the best ways of keeping your Santorinian memories vivid after returning home is by mingling them with unique flavors. Travellers can sample tasty Greek appetizers, savour palatable local wines and have a hands-on cooking session that ensures your best souvenirs will be the recipes you learn.

In the Santorini Cooking Class and Wine Tasting Tour participants get to enjoy all aforementioned activities, along with visits to volcanic vineyards for a thorough viticulture understanding. Additionally, a professional chef will guide you through the preparation and execution of authentic Greek recipes, the results of which you can taste.

For the cycling enthusiasts an energizing alternative is available, blending biking, wine-tasting and sightseeing in an ultra bundle. The Santorini Sunset and Wine Tasting Tour by Electric Bike is a rejuvenating excursion, where one gets to spend an upbeat evening with relaxed cycling through the whitewashed villages of Emporio, Castelli and Megalochori. Combining it with delicious wine tasting and tasteful finger food under the sunset-colored sky is an experience few people can claim. While returning from a vineyard-crossing route, you conclude a memorable evening on the island.

As the culinary and wine tours are super popular, we highly recommend booking them prior to your arrival in Santorini.


When vehicles and boats for experiencing Santorini are not enough, we suggest taking a different approach. On the wonderful Santorini Horse Riding Trip from Vlychada to Eros Beach, guests can delight in a wilder, more natural route through sand dunes and volcanic shores from the back of a well-trained horse. In groups of up to 4 individuals, an experienced instructor and guide will ensure every participant grasps the riding basics before commencing the session. With safety and a steady pace you will feel connected to the surrounding nature and be amazed by the colorful vistas.

Furthermore, for sea-sport lovers, the Santorini Sea Kayaking and Snorkeling with Lunch creates a fascinating getaway during your summer vacation. Participants get to discover the southern part of Santorini, its intriguing volcanic shores as well as enjoy some refreshing snorkeling and swimming breaks. The morning sun accompanies you in the seascape exploration and by lunchtime the tour leads to a delicious local tavern for authentic Greek meals.

Last but surely not least, for the adrenaline-seekers the Jet Ski Safari in Santorini is guaranteed to take their breath away. Participants may either join a safari guided tour if they prefer being relaxed, or opt for a jet ski rental to independently explore the southern Santorini bays. As one of the most upcoming, super popular excursions on the island, jet ski safaris are highly recommended if you desire an out of the beaten path experience.

With more than 5 different jet ski safari routes to select from, you can combine them for a thorough marine exploration of the top Greek summer destination. Make sure to book your jet ski safari well in advance as they sell out fast. We invite you to take a further look into the available tours and excursions taking place in Santorini, as there are many that you may add to your itineraries!