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In brief, the most popular tours are boat trips to the Volcano and the Hot Springs, wine tasting in the numerous wineries, and jet ski expeditions.
They are offered from April to October to provide unique experiences during your holiday. Book in advance! The tours are very popular.


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Santorini provides its visitors with a plethora of unique sites. The imposing active volcano, the quaint Oia, and the unparalleled sunset are just a few. Participating in tours in Santorini is the best way to soak up as much information and as many unique sceneries as you can during your stay.


Boat tours are a favorite when it comes to experiencing the seascape of Santorini - they offer the perfect opportunity to enjoy the crystal clear waters of the Aegean and to approach the island's or the volcano's fascinating coastline.
Excursions by boat are a relaxing activity that usually includes snorkeling, hiking, lunch or dinner, and a visit to the volcano, the hot springs, or Thirassia. Some are offered during the daytime, while others are held in the evening for sunset gazing. Wine tasting, fishing, and other activities may also be a part of the experience, depending on which tour you pick.

For an unforgettable trip by boat to the volcano and Thirassia or the hot springs, check out the Sunset boat trip to Volcano, Hot Springs, Thirassia & Oia, and Sunset and Dinner on board!
For sailing cruises during the day, check out Day Sailing Cruise with a deluxe catamaran that allows you to admire the caldera villages from the seaside. It also includes a swim in the hot springs and some of its most popular seashores. The same one comes in an evening version.


If you feel like history is not your cup of tea, prepare yourself for a change of heart! Thankfully, history tours do not include boring textbooks. On the contrary, interactive activities for the whole family take over at Santorini!
The Akrotiri Guided Tour is the best way to experience the island's former glory. It takes place in the Akrotiri Minoan site, one of the most significant Minoan settlements in the Aegean Sea. A professional guide will show you around the place where the mythic city of Atlantis is said to have been.
If legend-hunting sounds fascinating, then the Lost Atlantis 9D Experience is just what you need! It is the world's first museum dedicated to the myth of Lost Atlantis and offers an extraordinary infotainment experience! Featuring innovative technologies, the 9D experience will captivate children and grown-ups alike.


Whether you decide to spend only a few days on the island or more than a week, we suggest booking one designed to introduce you to the landmarks, nature, and cultural heritage.
A bus around the island gets you to several must-visit spots, including the archaeological site of Akrotiri, a winery, Perivolos beach, Oia village, and more.
That kind of tour allows travelers to get a hint of the best parts of the island comfortably.


Since approaching the sights can be quite a struggle during the high season, helicopter tours constitute a unique alternative to conventional sightseeing. A helicopter trip above the volcano and Oia allows visitors to avoid the struggling heat and the hoards of tourists while gazing at the breathtaking scenery from above.
If you are interested in visiting the cosmopolitan Mykonos, a helicopter transfer from one place to the other is also available!


Private tours in Santorini are highly recommended for couples and small groups of up to 4 people, allowing you to have fun and explore the area privately. This type of tour has been designed to add a hint of luxury to your vacation, making it possible to enjoy some of the island's best-hidden aspects.
When looking for private cruises, the best option is hands down, the Private catamaran cruise with BBQ, which is ideal for couples who want to explore the coastline and the volcano.
Starting at Ammoudi's picturesque harbor, the cruise takes you for a swim in the crystal clear waters of the famous Red beach and Mesa Pigadia. Additionally, you will visit the hot springs and experience their healing properties before heading to one of Santorini's signature landmarks, the 19th-century lighthouse.
The cruise is available both in the morning and the evening. It ends with a BBQ lunch or dinner, where you will get to pair traditional Greek delicacies with the finest local wines.




No visitor should skip visiting the imposing volcano, the signature landmark that shaped and reshaped the island. Boarding on a boat for an unforgettable volcano visit is the best way to experience the beauty of Santorini's untamed landscape!
It allows reaching the active volcano and walking along the rim of its crater.
Among the most worthy tours in Santorini is the Volcano and Hot Springs Boat Tour, which combines a trip to the volcano with a visit to the hot springs at Palea Kameni islet. You shouldn't miss the chance to reap the benefits of the hot waters!
Alternatively, the Volcano, Hot Springs, and Thirassia Boat Tour includes an extra stop in Thirassia. Santorini and its calm and quiet sister island are polar opposites! The striking beauty of Thirassia lies in its unspoiled nature. With a few permanent inhabitants, Thirassia has not been subjected to tourist development, maintaining its authentic atmosphere.
A trip there will balance out your buzzing adventures.


Viniculture is a substantial aspect of local culture; wines produced are famous all around the world.
If you would like to know more about winemaking and wine tasting, winery visits and wine-tasting tours in Santorini are among the most popular activities to do. Wine-tasting experiences are available and can meet the needs of all wine lovers. Paying a visit to several wineries allows you to soak up invaluable information about the tradition of wine production. Visits often end by tasting local wines.
Santorini is home to the Koutsogiannopoulos Wine Museum, which allows you to expand your knowledge of the wine tradition and the wine-making process. Visiting it comes with a unique wine-tasting experience. Book it in advance!


One of the best ways to keep your memories alive is to return home with a few recipes to help you recreate the taste of your trip! 
During food tours, visitors can sample delicious Greek starters, savor locally produced wine, and have hands-on cooking workshops to assure that the best souvenirs will be the recipes they learn - this is why cooking tours in Santorini are so preferred by visitors!
During the Cooking Class and Wine Tasting Tour, participants acquire new culinary knowledge and techniques, along with a visit to the volcanic vineyards to understand viniculture deeper. Additionally, a professional chef will guide you through the preparation and execution of authentic Greek recipes, the results of which you can taste.
For guests seeking a more authentic experience, the Sunset Fishing Trip with Dinner and Drinks allows you to spend an evening on a traditional fishing boat.
Get ready to hone your angler skills and cook the fresh catch of the day on the deck while savoring the crimson colors of the Aegean sunset!
As the culinary and wine tours are super popular, we highly recommend booking them before your arrival in Santorini.


With its postcard-like sceneries, picturesque villages, dreamy sunsets, and charming natural landscape, Santorini is an ideal destination for amateur or professional photography enthusiasts.
Many tours in Santorini have been designed around photography, making it possible to practice your favorite hobby while touring and exploring the island. During those tours, you will exclusively visit the most photogenic spots at both popular and secret locations.
One of the photography classes has been designed as a workshop for beginners, where you can learn the basics of night photography is the Evening Photography Workshop. This workshop offers the opportunity to capture the volcanic landscape at nighttime and get some breathtaking views of the moonlit caldera.
Additionally, the Photography Expedition is available both in the morning and the afternoon. During this activity, you will be taken to various places to practice your skills, whether you are a professional photographer or not.




As one of the most fun activities on Santorini, a jet ski excursion guarantees an experience out of the ordinary, allowing you to combine your favorite watersport with an exploration of the volcanic coastline.
The Jet Ski Safari is the perfect option for adrenaline-seekers. Participants may either join a relaxing safari guided trip or a jet ski rental. The second option allows you to explore the southern bays on your own.
More than five different jet ski safari safaris are available to choose from. Consider combining them for a thorough marine exploration! Booking your jet ski safari in advance is recommended, as they sell out quickly.


As an alternative to jet skiing, sea kayaking is less adventurous but equally fun. For sea kayak lovers, the Sea Kayaking and Snorkeling with Lunch offers a fun day in the sea away from the busy alleys of the caldera villages. Participants get to explore the southern part of Santorini and its intriguing volcanic seashores. Stops for swimming and snorkeling underneath the morning sun are included. At lunchtime, you will taste authentic Greek dishes at a traditional local tavern.
A plethora of additional activities are available on the shores. Watersports enthusiasts will have the time of their lives during their stay since Scuba diving, Parasailing, Stand Up Paddling and Kitesurfing are only some of the numerous options.

Visitors not keen on watersports may be interested in horseback riding, which allows you to catch unparalleled views of the caldera.



Day tours to Santorini are available from other islands, making it possible for guests to spend a full day exploring the marvelous locations of the island. For instance, the Tour from Paros and the Tour from Naxos are traveler favorites and include transportation to the best caldera villages.



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