Santorini Volcano

Location: Nea Kameni

Santorini Volcano: Santorini is gifted with a unique kind of natural beauty and a wild scenery that was the result of several volcanic eruptions throughout the years.
Although the massive volcano has been dormant since its last eruption in the 1950s, it is still considered active.
Its islet and the crescent-shaped caldera are one of the most famous places of interest in the Aegean Sea.

The craters of the volcano are located on two small islands made entirely of black lava that are known as Palea Kameni and Nea Kameni (the volcano).
Geographically speaking, the small islet complex was the youngest set of islands to emerge from the sea in the area of the Eastern Mediterranean.
Note: The volcano's craters can only be reach with a boat trip.

In the distant past, a catastrophic eruption which took place during the Bronze Age caused earthquakes and tsunamis that wiped out a large part of the Minoan civilization.
Despite the disastrous consequences of its past eruptions, the volcano turned into one of the most popular travel destinations in Greece, with great geological significance that attracts travellers from all around the world.

The powers of the Volcano of Santorini, however, are not only destructive but also creative.
All the eruption that happened in a time span of thousands of years altered the local morphology by giving birth to Palea and Nea Kameni and at the same time, they led to the gradual formation of purely volcanic coves and beaches, covered with fragments of lava, dark pebbles and a rare, pitch-black type of sand.
This is just one of Santorini’s distinctive features that make it so special. Check out the most popular black sand beaches of Santorini: Perivolos, Kamari, Perissa and more.

The volcano has also contributed to the local economy for thousands of years and we simply cannot overlook the fact that it is connected to the island’s long history and good reputation in wine production!
Due to its unique composition, the island’s volcanic solid is rich in nutrients and minerals that help the famous vineyards of Santorini flourish and produce wine of exceptional taste and quality.

Hot springs

Nea Kameni has become a significant pole of attraction for numerous visitors, particularly due to the healing properties of its hot springs.
Agios Nikolaos, a small cove on Nea Kameni islet, has been considered a holy grail of health thanks to the warm yellowish waters which contain concentrated amounts of sulfur and are said to be therapeutic.
Palea Kameni also has hot springs that can be reached by boat and are widely known for their health benefits.
They can be approached by boat and many boat tours and cruises include a stop there so that the visitors can jump in and enjoy the hot water for a while.

Volcano boat tour

For an even closer look, participate in one of the daily cruises for a chance to walk on solid black lava above the steaming main crater of the volcano and other openings bursting with sulfur steam.
The crater is located in Nea Kameni and you can easily reach it with a 20-minute walk through the lunar scenery.
The area also offers incredible views of the beautiful villages of Fira and Oia hanging above the cliffs of Santorini.


The best way to experience the magnitude of Santorini’s neighboring sleeping giant is to go on a hike along the edge of the volcano’s vast craters.
With a ground rich in iron, lava and sulfur fumes, the unique combination of earthly colors and smells brings the visitor as close as one can get to seeing an otherworldly moonscape in person -an unforgettable experience, indeed!

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Tours and activities related to Volcano and hot Springs

How to get there

The volcano is located between Santorini and Thirassia island.

Tours: Discover the volcano and the hot springs with an organized tour, starting from 20€.
Some tours to the volcano depart from the port of Athinios and from Gialos, the old port of Fira.
Athinios port is connected to Fira and all the other villages of Santorini, by bus or by an online pre-booked transfer service (with a taxi, mini bus or private VIP car).
Gialos, the old port of Fira, can be reached by a cable car or on foot from Fira (walking the 588 steps of the old Karavolades Stairs).

Private Boat: You can reach the volcano with a private yacht or a rented one.

Map Of Volcano

Reviews of Volcano

2 Reviews
  • jennifercm 16 Jul 2011
    Great place to swim
    A little cold, but so salty. You are so buoyant all you have to do is let your legs hang down and put your arms out to float. Amazing. Touring the volcano is brutally sunny but worth the hike.
  • tessydat 04 Jun 2010
    Strenuous hike but nice view
    The day we reached Santorini, we determined that we have to take the Caldera cruise to visit the famous Nea Kameni volcano from close! Our cruise took us from Fira straight to the volcano. My boyfriend and I are avid outdoor enthusiasts and hence, we were determined enough to hike to the volcano. If you haven't enjoyed outdoor activity, I have to warn you because the hike is strenuous. There are no steeps, but the hot sun will surely consume a lot of your energy. It is better to limit your luggage and we carried only water with us. Once we reached volcano top, we realized that we made a worthwhile trip. The view of island from the top was incredible. You can get a nice 360 degree view of the low lying islands, something no one wants to miss. We took a lot of snaps of the island. We didn't take hot springs tour mainly because we didn't want to get wet. However, we saw many people enjoying the springs despite the horrible smell.