Santorini Emporio Castle

Location: Emporio

The Castle of Emporio: In the past, the residents of Santorini were facing serious problems because of the pirates' raids. The pirates used to attack the locals to steal their wealth, therefore there was a great need for protection. As a result, five forts were built on the island, one of them being the Castle of Emporio. This is a fortified, medieval castle located close to the well-preserved Venetian Tower.

The Tower of Nimborio, also known as Goulas, is a square-shaped Venetian Tower situated in Emporio Village in Santorini. It was built between the 15th and the 16th century and is also connected to Patmos Island because it is said that the Tower was erected by the same monks that built the Orthodox Monastery of St. John the Theologian.

Both the Castle and the Tower are a must-visit attraction in Santorini because of their special architecture and structure. The Castle has one entrance and on its interior, there are some small houses, the one close to the other, which are connected by small bridges and stairways. The tiny houses along with the narrow streets of the Castle resemble a labyrinth constructed for the protective needs of the locals. Moreover, inside the Goulas Tower there used to be a chapel that was accessible only through the Castle’s tunnel.

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