Santorini Kastro (Castle of St. Nikolas)

Location: Oia

The Castle of Oia, also known as Castle of Saint Nikolas, dates back to the 15th century & was built during the Venetian occupation period of the island as a defensive fortress.

Constructed mainly of lava bricks & stones with a volcanic origin on one of the highest spots of the caldera, the ruins of the castle consist of exterior walls that overlook Santorini's cliffs & the sea, as well as cave houses & other traditional buildings, most of which have been fully renovated & are currently used as accommodation facilities. In addition, a part of the castle's old watch tower remains intact, although many of the old structures were destroyed because of an earthquake in 1956.
A small chapel which has been carved into the volcanic rock & overlooks the Aegean Sea is also located there. It is dedicated to St Nikolas & was constructed around 1450.

The castle is one of the most popular viewpoints in Santorini, attracting numerous visitors who arrive each evening to watch the most famous Cycladic sunset & enjoy the romantic atmosphere, while gazing at the caldera & the sea.

Tips: Due to the castle's popularity, more often than not, the site can get quite crowded. Make sure you start your walk there at least 1 hour before the sunset to make it there on time & get a place. If you would rather avoid crowds altogether, we recommend not visiting the castle around sunset time.

Map Of Kastro (Castle of St. Nikolas)

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