Jet Ski Tours to Santorini Volcano

One of the most popular activities on the island of Santorini is jet skiing. Imagine exploring the coastal beauties of this magnificent island, enjoying the stunning views, swimming at volcanic beaches, and gazing at the massive caldera hills from bottom to top on a jet ski away from the crowds.
As many travelers confess, this is an experience of a lifetime and is strongly recommended to include it in the must things-to-do list when you visit Santorini.

The Jet Ski Safari tours offer three options:

The South Coast Tour

The tour starts at Perivolos. You will be able to visit some of the most beautiful beaches on the island: Vlyhada, Red Beach, Kampia, White Beach, and Mesa Pigadia Beach. It is the cheapest option but does not include the volcano.

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The Volcano Tour

It is the most popular tour and costs slightly more than the former option. Although the ride might be a little more demanding, it is definitely worthwhile and rewarding. The tour includes the same beaches as the South Coast Tour, but instead of stopping at Mesa Pigadia Beach, you will continue to the Lighthouse of Akrotiri. From there, you will head to Nea Kameni and the volcano.

The Extreme Volcano Tour

For the most adventurous ones willing to jet ski for several hours, the Extreme Volcano Tour does not end at the volcano. In addition to the southern coast and Nea Kameni, you will also visit additional enchanting locations and islets: Skaros, Mouzakia Bay, Armeni Bay, Ammoudi Bay, Thirassia, and Aspronisi. It comprises the most demanding jet ski route and, of course, the most expensive one.

Discover the different tour routes on our illustrated map:
Map of Jet Ski Tours routes

A safety boat will accompany you during the tour to ensure that everything proceeds smoothly. In case you get tired, you can board it, and a member of the organizing company will ride your jet ski instead. Of course, capturing those spectacular landscapes and the whole experience on camera is a must; the crew members will take many pictures of you during this one-of-a-kind adventure! Stopovers for diving or relaxing are also included in the tour itineraries.

Boat tours are a perfect option for those who want to visit the volcano on Santorini but can not be compared to the adrenaline the jet ski tours offer. The greatest advantage, though, is that during the tour you will have the chance to enjoy some privacy since you will be riding the jet ski alone with the group and the crew. Also, jet skis can approach the caldera cliffs in a very short distance and witness this spectacular scenery from a unique angle.

The Jet Ski Safari tours are highly preferred and get sold out very quickly. If you are keen on living this experience, we advise booking your place early (2-3 months in advance).

How to get to the tour starting point?
The starting point for all jet ski tours is Perivolos Beach, in the southern part of Santorini.
Perivolos is located near the beach of Perissa. It is easy to get to this area if you have rented a car or any other vehicle.
For those using public transport to move around, the only direct bus to Perivolos leaves from Fira and the trip lasts between 20-30 minutes.
If you are staying in any other area, you have to get to Fira first and then board another bus.
Another option is to get a taxi to Perivolos, either from Fira (trip duration: 20 minutes) or from Oia (trip duration: 30-40 minutes).