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Mesa Gonia in Santorini is a rural village in the center of the island, famous for its wine-making tradition. It lies just 6.5 km from Fira and is enveloped by vineyards and Byzantine churches. 

Before the devastating earthquake in 1956 that entirely destroyed the village, Mesa Gonia used to be one of the most important wine-tasting places on the island. At the entrance of the village, you can visit the Canava Roussos Winery, one of the oldest wineries on the island that dates since 1836. The settlement is home to more wineries, though. Paying a visit to a local winery allows you to educate yourself on Santorini's wine history and production and taste ambrosial local wines.


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The church of Panagia Episkopi constitutes the main landmark of Mesa Gonia and the most significant Byzantine structure on the island. Visitors can admire it both externally and internally. On the inside, one can admire numerous beautiful frescoes and icons dating back to the 11th or 12th century. The church is so consequential to the inhabitants that they call the village "Episkopi Gonia" too.

In terms of accommodation, the lodging options are limited. The nearby area of Kamari, on the other hand, comprises a cosmopolitan beach resort and gathers hundreds of visitors annually. Since Mesa Gonia is situated in the heart of the inland, it doesn't boast a beach. Again, Kamari is the closest option, offering a well-organized beach with cerulean and clean waters. 

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