Introduction & General Information

Zagoria Greece is the name of a 46 villages group, in the mountains of Epirus, in the northwest of Greece. In fact, its name derives from a Slavic word meaning "behind the mountains". These villages result quite outstanding because of their beauty and their picturesque surroundings.

The many crystal clear rivers in this area are part of this beauty, as well as the mentioned mountains, full of firs and pine trees. The landscape varies according to seasons. In winter, the mountains get picturesquely covered by snow and visitors can go skiing in close ski centers. In spring and summer, the area seems to blossom with the running waters of river Voidomatis.

Zagoria also hosts the Gorge of Vikos, the biggest in Greece, which is considered by many ecologists as one of the last paradises in Europe. The general atmosphere on Zagoria is very low-key. During recent years it has been developing tourism, but not in a massive way. Therefore, the only periods in which it is important to book accommodation beforehand are on Christmas season and on Easter.

In fact, almost every village has at least one hotel and guest-house. Regarding its places of interest, the visitor will find many imposing Byzantine monuments and impressive houses with unique architecture.

Some villages are placed at an altitude that provides wonderful views. For example, Tsepelovo is built at 1.100 meters. Additionally, it hosts the church of St Anargyri, which has a great panoramic view of this village. Skamneli is also another example, as it is perched on a height about 1.200 meters. Moreover, it offers a wide variety of restored mansions and churches, as well as houses from the 18th and the 19th century.

Fortunately, the villages can be visited not only by car but also on foot, due to the paved walkways and the stone bridges that connect them. Some of those are Asprangeli, followed by Elati, Dilofo, and Kipi, among others. No matter what period of the year you choose for visiting Zagoria, you will surely enjoy its wonderful features, which offer the best conditions for amusement and relaxation.